Beauty Product Reviews

This is exactly how I felt when I could not find those annoying dark spots on my face after my last bout with a facial breakout that came on with a vengance. Both sides of my face broke out with acne along the cheek and jaw line and I am not an acne prone person. I could not understand why especially given my diligence in taking care of my skin. Well after changing my eating habits including drinking more water, getting back to my exercise routine and changing my skin care products, I saw a decrease in the breakouts but I was left with those annoying dark spots (hyperpigmentation)!

I tried several products but only one left me in a state of shock after about a week or so of using the product! The Clinique "Even Better"Clinical dark spot corrector! I was visiting back home and stopped at the mall with my mom and walked past a display with this new product by Clinique and decided to talk to the rep about it! She raved about this product so much that I knew she was serious and not trying to get me to shelve out the $50 bucks. She also recommended that I exfoliate every other day and use a sunblock of at least 20. I told her that I was already exfoliating every day and she said that should give me better results. Well I made my purchase and then purchased a new SPF 50 cream sunblock to use along with it and let me just tell you guys that I could not believe that after a week of using this stuff my skin was pretty much clear of those little dark devil spots!

I had to review this product because I am a firm believer in it! Not only that, I have put it to the test and it works!!! I know that it is a little on the pricey side but I would have paid more for the results I got! I wish I would have taken before and after pics!

If you want to win your flawless skin back I recommend giving this stuff a go! IT WORKS!

This is an excellent product to set foundation but I must caution against a heavy hand or it will give you a ghostly cast! My foundation can look somewhat oily or too moist after I have applied it and this HD Powder really helps to matify the look making it really awesome for videos and camera work! But again I say take care to apply it with a light touch! I use my powder brush to apply but tap off some of the excess and tap in the lid before applying to my face.

This is my primary go to powder to finish my NC50 foundation application! It gives me the perfect glamorous finish! My face looks amazing after I appy MSF! I also love the fact that I can wear my MSF alone without foundation, but I do caution that a face primer should be worn or it will do a disappearing act on you! Sometimes I when I want a natural look on my cheeks I will apply my MSF and use another face powder to set my foundation. This is one of my must have products!

Very good product for heat protection from blow dryers to curling or flat irons!

I must say that I have been using the TRESemme' Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray for about two months now and I really like how it makes my hair smell and how it leaves my hair feeling. You reallydon't need a lot of the product, just a few sprays all over then run a paddle brush through your hair and begin flat ironing or thermal curling. I try not to use to much heat but when I do this is definitely my go to product!