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  • Nail Filing Fundamentals

    Nail Filing Fundamentals

    Is there really more to nail filing than meets the eye? The answer—a resounding yes! Discover the difference between emery and glass, why buffing too hard is a definite no-no, and the right way to file your favorite nail shape.

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  • Social Experiment: Traffic-Stopping Brows
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    Social Experiment: Traffic-Stopping Brows

    On the runways—especially couture shows—you can often see a model rocking a bright arch. But what happens when you take this trend out in public? Keep reading to see what Beautylish’s Jasmine encountered when she took this avant-garde look out on the streets of San Francisco.

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  • Putting the Cute in cutepolish!

    Putting the Cute in cutepolish!

    From feminine floral accents, to quirky cartoon themed manicures, cutepolish delivers videos that inspire all to dress up their nails for any occasion! Find out what inspires her creativity and her process for making nail art video tutorials!

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  • All About Owl Nails

    All About Owl Nails

    Owl alert! This cute bird is swooping in on the world of nail art!

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  • Should You Use a Toner?

    Should You Use a Toner?

    Do you include a toner in your skin care regimen? Although some of us may have grown up with the classic three-step routine—cleanse, tone, and moisturize—toning is one step we often skip. Keep reading to find out who should be using a toner, and what the best formulations are.

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  • Cartoon Beauty Awards

    Cartoon Beauty Awards

    Do you remember watching your favorite childhood cartoons and staring at the makeup on female characters? We do too. That’s why we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite cartoon makeup mavens. See which of your best-loved illustrated all-stars made the cut!

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  • Be Nice To Your Makeup
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    Be Nice To Your Makeup

    We poke, we prod, we smudge—sometimes, we’re downright rude to our precious products. But bad beauty manners no more! Learn tips and tricks to treat your makeup and skin care products with a little more respect.

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  • Hair Horror Stories

    Hair Horror Stories

    Ever left the salon in tears? You are not alone! Keep reading as the Beautylish team shares their worst hair experiences.

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  • Standout Nails
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    Standout Nails

    Looking for a fun way to spice up your manicure? The standout nail is an easy way to add a special touch to your fingers. Simply paint one nail a different color from the others and voilà! These three Beauties show us their takes on the look.

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  • Trend: Rainbow Eyes

    Trend: Rainbow Eyes

    This fall, the trends dictate that your wardrobe should be filled with color. But if you prefer to wear black and neutral clothes, why not let your eyes do the talking? Pretty, rainbow eye shadow is a great way to experiment with bright hues, and makes a fun look for Halloween! You can dress up as a mermaid, bird of paradise, or even Rainbow Brite!

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