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Hair Horror Stories


There's no getting around it: Heading to the salon can be nerve-racking. And for good reason! We've all had our share of frightening visits that ended in downright disastrous results. But the truth is, no matter how bad the dye job or lopsided the layers, your hair will grow back. So laughing about it later can actually be fun! In light of this fact, the Beautylish team is sharing their worst salon stories so you know you are not alone in your mane adventures. Have a terrible tress tale of your own? Share your story with us below!

Cinya B.

Last year, I paid a visit to a swanky New York City salon for a simple blowout. While there, the stylist suggested I get a slight trim because my shape was starting to look a little ragged. Although nervous (okay, terrified!) I agreed because I was months overdue. Big mistake. Even after several reassurances that he would cut my hair evenly, I ended up with a Victoria Beckham bob circa 2007! I had to wait weeks before I could hide the style in a ponytail. Since then, I retell this cautionary tale whenever I go to a new stylist, not only to justify my frantic fear of any sort of trim, but also so they know what look is an absolute no-no in my book.

Christina F.

When I was young, my mom always cut my hair. Snip, snip. All straight? All done. I think I was in third grade when my mom got a layered haircut and decided it would be a great idea to try this style on me. I ended up crying in my room all day. My mom thought it looked good, but I just didn't understand the concept of having my hair all different lengths.

Jasmine J.

I feel like I always have hair horror stories because I try new things all the time. My worst, however, was when I went to get a spiral perm when I was 15 (yes, I proudly rocked that 'do!). They let the chemicals sit on my hair for too long and it singed a big section of my bangs. For a pretty long time after that, I had random hairs in the front that would grow upward.

Ning C.

I went to a noted colorist (his name was on the door!) in New York City for some beginner highlights. He promised subtle caramel strands, but I came out with light blonde skunk streaks. The rest of my hair was still dark brown, so I ended up looking more Kelly Clarkson than Jennifer Lopez. When I told him it was too light, he said that was just because the salon was so bright and that I would like the color more when I got outside.  Then he sent me on my way. Needless to say, the color looked even blonder in natural light, I was so traumatized by the experience that I never went back to that salon. After I worked up the courage to go to another place, I had all of my hair dyed back to dark brown and didn’t highlight again for years.

Tara L.

I decided to add DIY highlights using the balayage technique. So I painted on color all over the front of my hair. I didn't notice any difference right away, so I kept going until the front of head was almost blonde. I looked like some sort of weird lion with tawny gold and light brown patches. I called my girlfriend to help me out. We put a dark brown rinse over the top but it barely masked the damage, so I went the salon. Luckily, they were able to fix it, but I haven't colored my hair since.

Victoria S.

My worst experience began out of desperation. It was the day before my sixth-grade yearbook photo, and every salon was booked solid. All I wanted was a simple trim and blowout! So I called Supercuts for an emergency appointment. My stylist decided to translate “shorter layers” as “mullet”. I started crying as soon as I left the salon with my mom, and haven’t looked back since.

Wafi A.

I had virgin hair up until a few months ago. I was getting purple highlights and wanted to use temporary dye. I did not want my hair bleached, but bleach was put in my hair without my knowing. When my hair was covered with the stuff, the stylist slipped in the bleach and fell. She started to freak out, and as I was trying to help her, some of the bleach got onto my neck and started burning. The purple turned out way too light and it was the most horrifying experience! Thankfully, the purple faded to a bluish-green blonde. I now have mermaid hair, which I love.