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All-time favorite perfume?

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Aug 31, 2011

Shoosh A.

So, i'm thinking of buying a new set of perfumes and I want some opinions! I'm in love with paco rabanne One million but I think it's about time for a little change! thanks x

I love love love Salvatore Ferragamo's Incanto line. All of them have been divine, but I especially like Incanto Shine and Incanto Bliss. Perfect for everyday use.

Oh, and not to forget DKNY's Be Delicious. A scent that both males and females adore! 

Aug 31, 2011

Linda D.

I have been a HUGE fan of Chanel's Chance (the pink bottle) so over two years now.

I have lately been obsessing over Marc Jacob's Oh Lola. Actually, I love all of the Marc Jacob perfumes from Lola to Daisy. 

Aug 31, 2011

Alexis W.

I love Can Can by Paris Hilton and Princess by Vera Wang i have been through 2 bottles of that one.

I LOVE my victoria secret perfume in sweet daydream <3

Sep 15, 2011

Alexis C.

Hands down Dolce and Gabbana L'imperatrice, Its fruity without being cloying its fresh without being laundry its sophisticated without being mature and playful without being 'teeny bopper'. It makes no sense but its amazing. 

Sep 17, 2011

Megan B.

i always change my "favorite"
right now it's dolce and gabbana the one (original)

Sep 17, 2011

Amelia R.

hot couture by givenchy is my all time favorite with radiance by britney spears as a close second.

Sep 18, 2011

Rebecca B.

Chole is my all time favorite!!!

Sep 18, 2011

Jazmine G.

No matter what I will always live by Princess by Vera Wang. I can't describe how many compliments I've gotten - from girls and guys! It's definitely my signature scent.


Sep 19, 2011

Toyosi x.

DKNY be delicious hands down! It last ALLLLL DAY! and smells great for all year round!

I am a frequent changer, as well, but I have been obsessed with two 'opposites' lately: Georgio Armani Aqua di Goia and BBW PS I Love You (which has been discontinued to my dismay). The first is a beautiful, light sea slash fruit slash woodsy sort of amazingness and the second is a rose/Riesling/amber. Complete opposites! Others I love are the original Michael Kors and Stella by Stella McCartney.

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Sep 19, 2011

Indya S.

D&G number 3

venezia, but they don't make it anymore! it smells amazing! 

Sep 21, 2011

Anju H.

My favorite is the simple and just lovely smell of Issey Miyake! 

Sep 21, 2011

Megan N.

my absoulte fave is juicy viva la juicy perfume. i also am really loving aqua di gioa 

Sep 22, 2011

Barbie M.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs or J'adore by Dior. Depends on how I'm feeling.

Sep 22, 2011

Maddy M.

My signature scent is Marc Jacobs Daisy, I've been wearing it for about 5 years now!
I also looove Hilary Duff With Love, Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! & Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy :)

Sep 22, 2011

Angela W.

I've gone on a perfume-buying bonanza lately... tried SO many... and my favorite is still L'Eau D'Issey. Second place has to be Calvin Klein Escape (it smells just like the Barbie perfume I was obsessed with when I was 8).

Sep 24, 2011

Tiffany S.

Romance by Ralph Lauren
bright crystal by versace
rose the one by dolce and gabbana

Sep 24, 2011

Breanna D.

DKNY Be Delicious. I loveeeee it.

Halle by Halle Berry it's smells so good!!!

Sep 25, 2011

Kia K.

Burberry Brit! <3

Sep 25, 2011

Angela W.

OOOh I also really liked Rose The One by D&G, good call Tiffany S.!

Sep 26, 2011

Kelly S.

I always return to Thierry Mugler's Angel

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