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Beauty Army - A new way to sample cosmetics!

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Hi Beauties! I am the new Social Media Coordinator for a new way to shop a sampling service and I am here to answer any questions that you might have - even if they are asking differences between Beauty Army and Birchbox.

Beauty Army will offer up to 6 samples (if you only want 4 than you only take 4) for $12 and the BEST part?

You choose your own deluxe size samples and build your own kit!!

Sign up early and your first kit is on the house!

Is it an automatic monthly draft, like birchbox?

Sep 02, 2011

Mindy N.

Hi Nancy,

I just signed up and the site is "Coming Soon" so there is no info at all on the website - when will the site actually be up and running?. Please give us more details about how it works, friend referral links, etc. How do I know if my kit will be "on the house"?  

After you complete your beauty profile questions, your membership includes 6 sample, access to a community with user reviews, tutorials, video how-to's and personalized guru assistance for $12 monthly, unless you choose to "skip the month." You will have from the 1st of the month to the 5th to skip that month or select your samples. If you do not log in, to select your samples within that time frame, we'll select them for you based on your answers to your beauty profile. It's always personalized so you don't have to worry about getting samples that you can't or won't use.

The site is on schedule to go live at the end of this Month. Setting up your membership is as simple as completing a questionnaire which will be the aid Beauty Army will use if you fail to choose your samples.

That's right - you choose your own samples. Up to six (6) for only $12 monthly. When I say 'up to 6' I mean, if you only want 4, only take 4. It is a great way of reducing waste, from unused samples that are thrown away. (No, you can not choose 4 this month and 8 next month, it is simply up to six, monthly.)

The products are truly from Premier Brands (hence the $2 difference in cost from Birchbox) Once the Brand list is released, I will start to tweet the partners out!

I am waiting on the finalized information for the Friend Referral program as well as free kit conformation. As soon as I have those details I will post them here.

Thank you for your great questions and your patience with this exciting new start-up!

Personally, I believe that is how everyone feels. You get this heightened "what could this be?" to this let down of "oh, that's what that was". I would pay $2 for zero disappointment. 

Sep 04, 2011

Vivian L.

Is this only for those living in the States, though?

Sep 04, 2011

Josie L.

Nancy!!! When will it be up and running??? I can't wait any longer!!! lol!!!

Sounds exciting cant wait for the site to be up!

Sep 04, 2011

Mery P.

Is this international?

This weekend big things are happening behind the scenes!
And I can't wait to start sharing news!
*lips are sealed tight!*

Right now, Beauty Army is only shipping to the USA, as soon as I know more about International membership (and shipping from a logistical point) I will post it to the Facebook page as well as updating this thread. is on schedule to be live at the end of this month.  xoxo

You can find us @
I look forward to chatting with you!

Sep 06, 2011

Josie L.

I can't wait!!! I am so excited!!!

So am I!!!
We're in the home stretch now!

Sep 06, 2011

Josie L.


Sep 06, 2011

Mindy N.

Ahh, so excited! BeautyArmy needs to launch already!

Sep 06, 2011

ashley h.

neato :D

Sep 07, 2011

Drea G.

What brands will be included?

sounds amazing.. :) can't wait

Oct 04, 2011

Natalie G.

Hope you do start shipping internationally :D

Oct 04, 2011

Mannie G.

Awesome! Congrats Nancy.
Fashion.Beauty.Celebrity Life.

Oct 04, 2011

Diana A.

awsome! sounds so cool! good thing i never got birchbox! 

Thank you so much!
To be the first to know the release details, "like" our facebook page and @BeautyArmy on twitter

*hand over mouth*
giggle giggle

You choose the samples you want to try. No waste and no disappointment. It's a great way to try premier cosmetic and skincare products without the financial 'what if's'.

Oct 09, 2011

Missez M.

I'm soooo ready for that confirming email!!

Oct 09, 2011

Jessica S.

Oooo please make it international soon :p us Aussie girls want it :D

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