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Put the Curl Back in Curly Hair?

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Aug 04, 2011

Tatyana S.

I have naturally curly hair, for the last 4 years ive been consistently flat ironing and putting heat on my hair. Now some of my curls arent very curly at all. Is there a way to help put the curl back in my curly hair

Aug 05, 2011

Carly K.

you just have to start wearing it curly and training it to be curly again. went through the same thing just recently and my hair dresser told me to do that & it has definitely worked within two months. using a gel rather than a mousse to hold the curl better & try not to play with it so much so as not to pull the curl out. try to avoid your straightener for a while unless needed and make sure your hair is really healthy as well. hope this helps.

Aug 06, 2011

Atiyah Y.

i agree with carly. my hair is the same way. i suggest using products like kinky curl custard along with other curly hair products that can be found at target. they help to define your curls better.

Ooh I'm a curly girl. Carly's right - the best way to get it to go curly is to let it be.

Couple of things also...

Avoid shampooing - I know this sounds gross, but I promise you, it's really not. Instead, try just wetting it down and using a conditioner *as* shampoo. And when you do use a traditional shampoo, pick one that's sulfate free. I only shampoo once a week.

While it's soaking wet drag a lightweight gel through it (DevaCurl AnGel is exceptionally good) - messy - yes. Worth it - YES. Do this with your head tipped over the tub and use your fingers, you should see tendrils forming.

Use paper towels or a tshirt to scrunch the excess water out - be sure to scrunch the hair toward your hair. Using traditional looped cotton towels causes friction + frizz. Ick. Flip your head over and let your hair air dry naturally. Try not to touch it.

Once it's mostly dry, you can diffuse it and fluff it out.

Aug 06, 2011

Lerina A.

If you don't like the way it looks naturally, but still want to style your hair...try curling your hair overnight. This way, you are still training your hair to curl again and still able to achieve your desired style. Pin curls, Curlformers (my favorite method), sponge curlers, etc. Just choose a method that will be comfortable for you to sleep in - this is how I trained my hair to become wavy again. I also agree with not shampooing - my hair is so much more defined since I stopped using shampoo and there's a lot less frizz.

Aug 06, 2011

Tatyana S.

Thank you ladies! Your advice is much needed and appreciated :) now I have an event on the 26th where I will need to straighten my hair. Should I make sure to wet it the day after? And what should I use when I'm straightening it?

Hi Taty =)

If you're going to straighten it, use a straightening balm and thermal heat protecting spray. I like Rene Furterer Gel Defrisant for the days I straighten mine - gives your brush just enough grip for the tension you need to blow it straight. Use the thermal spray if you flat iron.

oh - and for the next day, yes - wet it down and treat it to a nice deep conditioner, really work it through your hair, rinse and restyle w/product. Air dry without touching. Should be back to the bounce!

When my flat iron died and I couldn't straighten my long hair anymore, my hair definitely reacted. my curls were very loose and sporadic. I used a curl creme (Marc Anthony Strictly Curls) and scrunched that into my hair wet, and as it dried I would take the pieces that weren't curling right and I spun them around my finger to give them more body. After a while my hair was back to its curly self!

Aug 09, 2011

Haley A.

Okay, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but you're gunna have to start from scratch (i know i know, don't hate me haha). I had the exact same thing happen to me, its called "heat trained" & basically you relaxed your hair, but instead of doing it chemically, you did it thermally. You may be able to get a little curl back in your hair by leaving it alone for quite awhile, but nothing like your original curl. The only way to get it back to its natural curl is to grow out your hair. I know it sucks, but what I had to do was leave my hair curly for a while & now I only straighten my hair about once a month, & I'm A LOT more cautious when it comes to using heat on my hair. 

I had to do the exact same thing! Luckily it's so hot in NC that I've been forced to wear mine natural and the curls are coming back!! I didnt have to cut my hair and do the whole "go natural" thing either! Everybody's head is different...Don't give up hope.... Lol

Jul 31, 2012

Ivelisse F.

Hey love! I find that using a cream instead of a Gel for my curls helps keep them more defined. The cream I use even stops them from frizzing! Heres a tutorial I did on it. Hope it helps!

Jan 02, 2013

Santana V.

My latest post on my fave curly hair products -

Zuri F.

Jan 02, 2013

Zuri F.

I've noticed that the more I leave mine curly the more the curls come back, you don't hand to chop it off or anything, just keep it in good condition. deep condition and use a leave in, get regular trims and be careful with heat 

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