Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tips!

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Aug 01, 2011

Steph M.

hey!! okay- so i have my hair chemically relaxed (so it isnt pin straight, but rather more manageable) AND dyed... normal hair dyes dont mix with the relaxer chemicals, so i can only sem-permanently dye my hair... does anyone have any tips or tricks to make the hair color last as long as it can before it starts fading??? 

Aug 01, 2011

Steph M.


Aug 01, 2011

Jeny W.

Make sure you are using a color safe shampoo and conditioner, and only wash your hair when you absolutely have to. The more you wash it the faster it is going to wash out. So every other day or every few days.

Aug 03, 2011

Raychel H.

Semi permanent colors are truly a stain. They wash out and fad-age is unavoidable. Sun and water are your enemy they will fade all color. My recommendation, use a deposit only color. This is an ammonia free color with very low level peroxide. This oxidative color will last longer than a semi permanent color and is perfectly safe to use on relaxed hair. It will even help improve the health of your hair. Just avoid overlapping your color after multiple applications. Good Luck!

Dec 21, 2011

Steph M.

Raychel- sorry this took me so long to respond! haha, but what do you mean by overlapping the color? i'm getting kind of concerned that i'm doing too many processes with the relaxing and the color. my hair seems healthy, but i'm afraid i may have a bald spot!! it may be the way my part is, but what would you think??

Feb 23, 2012

Amanda R.

I agree with Rachael H. You need to use a safe, ammonia free color with a lower level of developer. I would recommend Organic Color Systems organic color and activators. The color is ammonia free and the activators are made with pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide. This professional use only color line is safer to use in conjunction with other chemical processes. Call 888-213-4744 to find a salon in your area that is currently using this color. 

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