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Really beautiful scent, too freakin pricey!

So lately ive been on a rose kick, buying everything from this perfume to the Dior Creme de Rose lip balm, and everything in between. I went to Sephora to test this out and fell in love instantly. Beautiful true rose scented perfume, and pretty long lasting. The scent also doesnt change over time like some perfumes, so it really is genuine. My only complaint is that it was $70 for the tiniest bottle!! Insanely priced, next time I repurchase itll have to be a gift, because no way can I keep dropping $70 for the cheapest bottle!!

Love it so much, best cleanser ive ever used!

I heard about this cleanser through a bunch of youtubers, so I thought I would give it a try. I bought the sample pack with the cleanser, moisturizer, and toning pads and instantly fell in love. It is such a light weight and airy formula. You could go to sleep with some breakouts and wake up the next morning with no pimples to be found. I recently bought the full size and for $20 it really is a great amount, and you only need a dime size of product for your whole face. Highly recommend it!!

I LOVE this perfume! It has been a favorite of mine for years... but it took me a while to actually purchase it for myself. Its so freakin expensive!! The 1.6oz is about $75, which is dangerous for my wallet. Otherwise, the scent is addicting and as stated by other people, you'll be able to recognize the scent on anyone. Its definitely an original scent and unlike other perfumes that smell similar after awhile. As much as the price kills me, now that I have it, I could never not have it!

I bought this online from Sephora while just doing some shopping. Online it looks flawless and the colors look fabulous. Once i used it I could even believe how much fall out came with it. I'm pretty sure there were more eyeshadow flakes on my cheeks then on my eyes! It also took a few dabs to get enough color on my brush. Overall I dont love it, but it's nice to use on other people when I dont wanna share my Naked palettes!

One of the best foundations i've used in awhile!! Really lovely coverage, only flaw is that it only works to its full potential when you use your fingers (at least for me!) Due to the "melted milkshake" texture of it, it just doesnt spread right with a brush. Overall the colors are very matchable for most people i'd say, and gives a nice dewey finish!!

Even at first smell, I was hooked! It smells like fresh flowers with a hint of fruit, rather then the standard floral/powder scent. I highly recommend it! Its one of those perfumes that lasts a while but its not overbearing to give you a headache. Apparently it's limited edition, and you could only get it every Spring.

I HATED this product. I never, ever get break outs, but I currently have little pimples all over my face because of how I reacted to this. I went to Sephora with hopes of buying a simple moisturizer that would help with my dry skin. It may just be me, but I do not recommend this at all. I went back today and told the woman my problem, and she said that since its not oil-free, my skin probably reacted negatively because of that... Being close to $50, it was not worth even another second of my time!!

I bought this color thinking it was so gorgeous and the perfect creamy peach... I went to the nail salon, and even the manicurist had a hard time with this polish! It took a solid 4 coats to look opaque. Before that it was super streaky and looked uneven...

I just bought the "Sapphire Strength" one because I was looking for a blue eyeliner that wasnt TOO turquoise or two colorful... I used it today and I really like it. Its a really nice navy blue and it slides on really nicely and stays dark. Almost comparable to the MAC Technakohl eyeliners, but not as creamy... Highly recommend for drugstore eyeliner.

i seriously had to figure out what the huge fuss was about, considering all of my friends had them too... so i went to the drugstore and bought the "peach kiss" and "peppermint" one and i am seriously in LOVE with this lip balm. new favorite, better than the EOS (by far!)

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