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Seche Vite

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Can u use acetone to thin out seche vite?

I know Seche Restore is meant to thin it out but I don't have that readily available right now so I was wondering if you could just use acetone or anything else you can find around the house?

I desperately need my seche vite!! haha

Jul 28, 2011

DeShelle W.

I thought you could use regular nail polish remover! I'm going to search it!!

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Jul 28, 2011

Deana K.

I'm pretty sure both acetone and nail polish remover will thin it out...but it degrades the formula and will cause streakiness in your polish. If I were you I'd wait and buy the Restore or nail polish thinner.

Jul 28, 2011

Drea G.

Yes, you can - but make sure it's literally only a drop. & don't shake, mix with the actual brush & put it upside down, right side up a few times so it'll mix. Shaking it will cause bubbles in your polish & nobody wants that.:D

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