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Makeup Travel Cases

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Jan 24, 2012

Jaimi-lee S.

HI! :) im just setting myself up at the moment and slowly buying what i need to start my own business .. ive seen soo many beauty cases & don't know which one is the best & would love some recommendations! thankyou :D <3

I heard Zuca was pretty good. Pretty expensive but I havent heard anything bad about them yet

Jan 25, 2012


Zuca is the way to go! I use to bring 4 large cases to set, and this was always a nightmare. I would have to take at least two trips to haul my hair and makeup equipment to and from my car. Having to walk down the street or upstairs to set, was a pain. I have used hardware store cases like Jordan L., but I was always unhappy with the bulkiness. I did my research and I was looking for something along the lines of a suitcase, and I came across Zuca.

I have seen this case on many sets and I had no idea what a Zuca was or where to get one. I found their website and I feel in love. The case is quite expensive, but it is an investment. The Zuca is FAA Carry-On Compliant and includes TSA Clear Zipper Pouches. Easy and approved for air travel.

Zuca website

If only that were possible Jordan, I'd jump at that right now!

Jan 26, 2012

Maria O.

Zuca backpack for a beginner, the actual Zuca case for those able and wanting to pay a little more. I love both and use them all the time. Black is the best choice. My pink one was always getting dirty. 80(

Jan 27, 2012

Jaimi-lee S.

thanks sooo much guys that has helped me alot i will do some investigating on what i can afford but its definately narrowed the choices for me! <3 :)

Feb 02, 2012

Shelby T.

Oooo. the Zuca looks neat! i love my Train case! its the 2 cases that can attach together pretty basic. tho its a Seya, DO NOT GET ONE! they have horrible Locks. but i love the style of it and its easy to get to everything But i do agree with @Jordan L hardware cases are the way to go, lots cheaper, and they work great lots of my friends who are tattoo artist used them for there gear, and its like a dream.
any ways my Case looks like this

I hate the zuca. It was too small for me, but I also hated that I had to stack pouches on one another... it's really just a hype.

The one pictured above this post is also a waste. The bottom half of it is literally a big open area...perfect for wasted space.

My favorite case came from It's pricey, but it was well worth it. They also sell it for about 30% cheaper at IMATS.

Feb 03, 2012

Shelby T.

@Jordan L. I love the style becuase i do Keep Hair stuff in the bottom but ive also used it when i work with my friend and we Keep all the " Normal" makeup (Shadows pigments etc) on top then we kept all her Airbrush stuff in the Bottom so i thought that was nice to, but i agree they cant be a Pain. Tho aside from the Latches Mine hasnt fell apart and its a hand me down. i would like to get a better Quality one. But To each there own. Everyone will like something differnt

This is an expensive option, but it's FABULOUS and so convenient:

Feb 10, 2012

Kayla B.

If any of you live in the Los Angele's area and are familiar with Santee Alley/ The Fashion District, they sell the same EXACT makeup cases you are talking about for REALLY cheap. I'm talking like no more than 75 dollars. If you don't live near downtown LA I sometimes use this rolling file box. It works great.

Jul 11, 2012

Emma M.

I have a Zuca and I love it. I must admit it is a little small and I went back to using my old suitcase recently for a job. The suitcase was very heavy and bulky and hard to travel with. I am just going to invest in a back pack for my Zuca so I can store the extra things I need.
Well worth the investment.

Jul 11, 2012

Amanda B.

ZUCZ is the best telling you right now its worth the money

Jul 12, 2012

Brandy R.

I found this one and think it is actually perfect for a beginner. However, for myself, not so much! I need a MUCH bigger one! Here is the link to it:

Crown brush does offer a professional discount program but I purchased this off of for about $100 including shipping. I'm actually going to be selling mine soon if anyone is interested. I'm getting this one next:

It's much bigger and they also offer a Professional discount. Whoot!

I used to have the big heavy metal ones listed above and they tend to kill your back. Plus they are super bulky. I recommend against them actually.

Jul 17, 2012

mallory w.

I found a great rolling case from Stanley in the tool department at Walmart, with wheels, handle, and tons of storage and drawers.And it was super super cheap! And uber sturdy! Also was scoping out some of the tool boxes, some where better than my train cases and for less than half....... I was amazed

I'm not a fan of the Zuca case and I can't imagine the people who love this case actually working with it in the field. As a working makeup artist there is a lot of in field set up. If you are doing a runway or fashion show your space is pretty limited. I prefer the standard train case. I use my 14" most often and my rolling train case for airbrushing which houses my compressor, gun, and tools. A standard train case it going to allow to you store everything so that it is visible and easily accessible. The best part is you can put in on the table and work out of it making setup and clean up super easy. IMO, the Zuca is only a good idea when you have time to arrive on location, dump all of your makeup out of the ziplock bags, have room to spread everything out so you can pick an choose what you need, and finally, have time to load everything back into those ziplock bags when you're done. I strongly urge 'real' makeup artist to avoid them and stick with the normal train cases. BTW: I have a video showing how you can convert a toolcase into a makeup case. Super cheap and functional. 

Jul 23, 2012

Reni V.

i've been working as a freelance artist for years and have had the worst luck with "professional" cases. to be honest, i own three different train cases. one was a gift from my boyfriend years ago (i don't know the brand; pretty sure it came from eBay). my stage makeup is in a case made by Caboodles that i picked up at Ulta. i carry a vintage Samsonite train case (on my second one in almost twenty years, and the first belonged to my mother before me) to most jobs and appointments. as Angel said, you don't necessarily have a lot of space for set-up and clean-up which makes a train case ideal as it's fairly portable. i've also seen more than a few artists leave a show complaining of missing tools or product from larger cases; more often than not, larger cases tend to have to be off to the side. i keep my case in front of me.

Jul 23, 2012

Danie D.

just so you get a idea on how to pack it go to youtube and watch my kit collection by Vivaglamlana.

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