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Top 10 Expensive Makeup Brands

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Jan 17, 2012

Meghan F.

Of course following my top ten drug store products would come this blog! Im so excited to do this one, as I am a firm believer over quality! So most of my products I personally own and buy again and again are top brand names! Probably one of my most favorite lines right now is Smash box. Why? Just because no matter what I try I am impressed by the quality of the product not to mention the excellent appearance of it . But enough rambling, without farther ado; here are the top ten products !

10. SmashBox - Eyebeam Pencil
I am in love with this product, its something I use on about 80% of my day time makeovers! This is a fat pencil thats double sided, on end is very large and suppppper creamy! The other end is regualar pencil size and a bit tougher, almost khol quality. Its a pinkish skin tone pencil. And what its used for is brightening and alluminating your eye. I like to put the fat end one on peoples waterline when I do natural makeup, and it instantly pops and makes you look 5 years younger , and 10 hours more rested! Its unbelievable, and currently on my christmas wish list! The thinner end is perfect for highlighting under your brow or the corner of your eye, and the best part is its so natural that you really can wear this and only this! Its makeup, without looking like makeup its simply improves your natural beauty! I rate this ten out of ten!

9. Elizabeth Arden - Flawless Mineral Foundation - This is actually considered a light weight foundation, however I looove coverage, and haate the feeling of cakey makeup. One of my favorite tricks to get coverage with out the cakey feeling is this foundation! I always use a light weight liquid foundation ( Gosh actually makes my favorite if you can imagine) than I set my makeup using the Elizabeth Arden, which comes with a little sponge type thing that gives AMAZING coverage! Your face with look flawless, everything will be covered, and your face actually is MATTE!

8. Vichy - Dermablend Corrective Foundation
This foundation is incredible, it can cover absolutely anything. I've covered black and blue bruise on a client who had failed IV's at the hospital . I've seen it cover up birthmarks, and insane pimples. This stuff is top quality coverage. You literally can cover your whole face with a dime size amount. Which makes this product last for forever! The only down fall to this product is its weight, it is heavy and if you don't set it with a powder its going to feel gunky. But on the bright side the second you set it with a loose or pressed finishing powder you forget its even there, its becomes so natural feeling. OH and its waterproof! Which is actually my favorite part about this,I love wearing this when I am going swimming!!

7. Smash Box -Blushes-

Really and truly all there shades are incredible, all working perfectly on most shades of skin. However I do have a few favorites over the others. One of my all time favorites is "FLUSH" this shade looks incredible on warm or cool shaded people! It just adds a natural glow to your face, its looks incredible, I wear this almost everyday. My second favorite shade by them is "CHIFFON" Its a dark pink with gold undertones to it, It always make you look nice and naturally blushing. There blushes just have such a natural look to them , while at the same time being a step up and above natural!

6. Lise Watier - Havana Light-
I wrote a whole review on this product, look below. Incredible!

5.Smash Box - Waterproof Creme Liner -
Smudge proof, Water proof, Flake proof.. this product is everything is one. And it goes on Matte. Love it love it love it ! And everyone I've ever introduced to this product has shared my love. No tug no pull, just glides on as smooth and easy as any liquid liner!

4. Bourjois - Lipsticks-
My favorite lipstick in there line is actually there bright red one, Im not sure of the shade number but there is only one. I think what I like the best about these lipsticks is how MATTE they are. I know I know Im obsessed with Matte but really its what everything is about right now, its what classy looks like! I love it it glides on smooth and soft, its moisturizing but it looks matte and it last for hours. Its also a TRUE red meaning its a neutral and warms or cool tones can wear it! This shade is personally my favorite but all of there colors are beautiful<3

3.Cover FX -Concealer-

Take a look at my previous post I did a whole blog on this too!

2. Benefit - Girl Meets Pearl-
This is a bunch of things in one. It can be an all over face primer worn alone or with foundation. It can be a highlighter, or even just a shimmery blush. Its b-e-a-u-tiful! This product worn alone with no other makeup is even incredible. It gives your whole face a glow. Its perfect for nights out , or even photo shoots!

1.Smash Box - Full Exposure Mascara-
Perfect, big, bad, natural looking lashes! Enough said!

Jan 17, 2012

Shelley W.

After spending $50 on drugstore brands and having to return just about all of it recently I must attest that for me personally I've had more "hits" with high end brands than with drugstore....all due to my sensitive/combination dark skin. I'm a huge fan of Smashbox eyeshadow trios. Awesome pigmentation and it blends like a dream.

Jan 17, 2012

Maria O.

I love high end makeup. The quality is better, packaging makes me feel like a million bucks and I tend to need less of the product. My favorite must haves for personal makeup use: NARS Sheer Glow foundation, NARS foundation powder, Kevyn Aucoin blush and highlighter, YSL lipsticks, NARS Lipsticks, Eve Pearl liner, Lorac shadow primer, Dior gloss and eyebrow pencils, Anastasia brow powder, MUFE and Bobbi Brown matte shadows. I use Benefit Are They Real mascara. Kevyn Aucoin lash curler. 

Jan 17, 2012

Maria O.

I must admit, not only is the makeup I use on myself high end, so is the makeup in my kit. I shop for my kit before splurging on myself. Many clients pay for the "experience" when they have their makeup done, that is why the better the quality the makeup, they more accepting clients will be to pay top dollar for your services. I do carry Wet & Wild brow powder in my kit. That along with Maybelline mascara. Those are the only drug store brand makeup items in my kit. Not bashing on makeup from the pharmacy, drug store, just that for a pro MUA your kit should be stocked up with artistry brands. 

Jan 20, 2012

Steph M.

dont forget nars, ysl, laura mercier, or even dior... crazy expensive. 

Jan 25, 2012

Amy P.

i think ysl and burberry and dior makeup are the most expensive. Of course there might be some others that i forgot here. 

Jan 26, 2012

Lovey D.

I love Hourglass cosmetics, it's a luxury natural brand. Before the natural bug bit me, I was a fan of Chantecaille,Cle de Peau, Chanel,Dior, etc.

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