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Can You Use "Clear" Polish as Base Coat? ♥♥

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I'm just not positive, so I thought I'd ask you guys. I'm nearly out of my OPI natural nail base coat, and I can't justify buying a new one on my budget right now.

I have a Rimmel 60 Seconds Clear nail polish, and I'm wondering, is there anything stopping me from using it as a base coat? Thanks in advance! ♥♥

A base coat is simply to help adhere the polish to the bed better and to protect it from staining. Clear polish might not work as well as a base coat polish but it will work. Just remember to buff your nail up a bit so the clear polish can "hold on" to the nail better.

Jan 07, 2012

Danielle G.

I agree with @Yasmin....:D

Thanks Yasmin! I gave it a go and it gave me a really nice, smooth base. Now I know! :D

Jan 09, 2012

Nicole M.

Anything that provides a layer that will help prevent your nails from getting stained is fine for a base coat. I use OPI clear polish all the time for my base coat. :) I'm glad that Rimmel is working out for ya.

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