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This product is one of the most amazing setting sprays I've tried. I use it, after watching Miss Glamorazzi's video, before and after my makeup application. It really does helps to make your foundation glide on and stick well, as well as taking away any powdery finish one may have on the skin. This product makes my makeup last forever and a half, I can come home from an hour of walking and eight hours of work and still look ready to go. Wonderful.

Glossy shine, no blurrry lines!

I love this top coat, for some reason it doesn't smudge any of my nail art or blur any lines on my nails, which most of my fave top coats tend to do. It dries super super fast, especially combined with drip dry, and the shine factor is dazzling! My nails lasted forever under this top coat as well. Five stars! <3<3

This Guy Loves That Gal! ♥♥

First of all this packaging is so cute, and so unique. Turns the bottom dial to make the product come up... I'll admit at first I was turning it the wrong way for like five minutes, wondering where the product was. Then I turned it the other way and tadaaaa......

But I LOVE this product. Light as air, it blends in like a dream, and adds a nice glow and a smooth surface to your skin. Plus it smells like Rockets candies! You can't lose!

Every Day Essential! ♥♥

This product changed my morning face routine. I no longer have to pile product after product on my under eye to get the coverage I need. I use this product every day before doing my makeup routine or even without my makeup routine. It brightens everything up very naturally, and acts as a great base for makeup over top. I do mix it with a bit of urban decay primer potion, because I am very prone to creasing, and with this combination, rarely do I ever see any creasing. Plus you can take this handy pen sized product with you and touch up over your makeup! It sets itself and is an instant wakeup on a long day at work.

I don't know about the helping to brighten skin over a few week's time, I definitely still have dark under eye circles, but it may have helped a little. I have it on all the time so it doesn't matter! =P

Terrible Payoff.

I bought this colour to be a bright white, it looked like the brighter of any of them. One coat is streaky and doesn't really give too much colour payoff at all. A second coat still leaves some translucent spots and just looks dull on my skin tone. Thank god I use it as a base for zebra print so that most of the black covers it up. Really not impressed with this purchase, will not be repurchasing.

Edit;; I also can't stand the brush. I have guy-sized nails, and the brush is too small and does not spread on the nail no matter how much you try to coax it.

Holy Grail Mascara!

The way I describe this mascara to all of my friends is that it gives maximum output for minimum effort. It gives my eyes a lovely lift, separates and makes my lashes look long and full!

One coat gives a natural full look, and two-three coats darkens everything up and does not clump or end up looking to spikey.

It's a little more expensive, but I truly believe that it's one of those products that's worth the money. Amazing! <3<3

Does the Trick!

I do a lot of nail artistry, and whenever I put my top coat on top of so many layers (as I'm sure you know) it takes like a MILLION YEARS to dry on its own. This product changed my life- My nails dry so quickly underneath this stuff. It does leave an oily residue on the nail, but that helps to protect it until it's totally dry, and it washes off easily. Fantastic product, will definitely repurchase!

My original script brush love!

This product, along with Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic, got me started doing my nail art and really helped me figure out how much I love beauty. It does tend to get thick if you're putting it on top of multiple layers of polish, but if you wipe off the brush enough every time you should get a nice application. The colour payoff is fabulous as well.

Good, with the right products

I like the coverage of this foundation, but I find that I need a really good base, and if I don't set it with a good matte powder and either use a lot of powder/a powder puff so really set it, I look excessively shiny and it slips really easily. Does not bother my skin too much, though, which I like.

Great Finish as a Setting Powder

I can`t use this product alone, I need more coverage than that, but using this as a setting powder over say, Lòreal True Match, I get a fabulous finish that lasts for a solid 5 hours without touch up. I stopped using this because I've switched to matte for the summer, but I still love it as a highlight.

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