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Sigma or Sedona lace or neither?

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Oct 13, 2011

Clara A.

I'm looking for a great pro brush line... Any suggestions? There are too many that seem so great!! Thanks in advance~ :)

Sigma!! I haven't tried Sedona lace, but I LOVE my sigma brushes. I did a full video on just them, lol

Oct 14, 2011

Alexis C.

I'm a Crown Brush kinda gal. If I am not mistaken Sedona Lace uses Crown Brush. I like to cut out the middle man. They have a great selection of brushes they are affordable and inexpensive. Most of my brushes are from Crown and I've never had any issues with them :D

Oct 14, 2011

Lorena C.

I love my Sigma brushes because you honestly do get great quality for a good price. If you spent the $100 that a Make Me __ (classy, etc...) kit costs, on something like MAC, you would get 2-3 brushes tops. I have the Make Me Classy set and I reach for these all the time. I had previously bought a Coastal Scents kit but the quality is much better from Sigma.

Oct 14, 2011

Shelly T.

CS = Crown Brush. Somehow, I don't think Sedona Lace is.

Anyhoo, I've not used any SL brushes, either, but I have several Sigma ones, and I like most of them.

Oct 15, 2011

Jazmine G.

I mean, I guess I'm not one to speak but I'm ordering my Sigma brushes tomorrow. I've heard such amazing things about them. :)


Oct 16, 2011

Ashley H.

I am getting sigma ones for christmas all i have are cheap old brushes :(

Oct 16, 2011

Mercedes Y.

I havent tried Sedona Lace but I definately love my sigma brushes. I own a few Chanel, Mac, Louise Young, Clinique, Sephora, Ulta, (basically I own a lot of brushes) and I often find myself turning to my Sigma Brushes. They are amazing quality at an affordable price.. oh wow, totally sounded like a commercial :-/

Dec 12, 2011

Nicole V.

Alexis, just thought I'd let you know Crown doesn't mae Sedona Lace brushes. :-) I was told so by the owner. I have brushes from both Sedona Lace and Sigma. They are both awesome!!! Sedona Lace's brushes are less expensie and every bit ghe same quality of Sigma. Sigma does carry more brushes as of right niw, but I know they are coming out wth a lot more soon!!! I'm a total brush junkie!! Can't wait to get more SL brushes!!!

Dec 12, 2011

Nicole V.

Excuse those typos!!! Getting used to this tablet!!!

Dec 13, 2011

Clara A.

So I decided to purchase sigma and so far so good! The price is fair and I haven't heard anything BAD about it. I still want to try out Sedona too though haha

I've only tried their Sigmax line, but those are FANTASTIC! Not in a rush to try their MAC knock-offs though. F80 - I'm a patron for life!

As for Sedona Lace... I am VERY interested in their Vortex kit, since it is the one kit I can actually see myself using at least 90% of the brushes included! I love that they include a MAC 109 and 138 dupe - my two favorites for contouring and blush. Their flat top synthetic foundation brush looks like the F80 and they even have a 226 dupe in the set too! I can't help that I want that zip-up brush belt too... so kitschy, but I want it!  =D

just wanted to say that the sephora brushes that have the silver handles are the same quality as the mac brushes for a little less money...def go into your local sephora and check them out!

I haven't tried Sedona but I absolutely love my sigma brushes : ) highly recommend.

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