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After Relaxer, When Do You Wash Hair?

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Oct 03, 2011

Indya S.

i just relaxed my hair and i workout everyday i was wondering when should i was my hair cuz if feel kind of gross

Oct 03, 2011

Atiyah Y.

i would suggest co-washing your hair. it cleans your hair & scalp but doesnt strip it like shampoo would. when i co-wash my hair i normally use VO5 conditioner. its cheap but still gets the job done & i dont feel bad going through bottles since its only $1.

Oct 05, 2011

Chevon H.

i'm right there with removes some of the daily gunk, but doesn't dry out your hair from over using sulfate shampoos...if you use a lot of product daily and feel like you have a lot of buildup, you can try a clarifying conditioner to co-wash with. vo5 has one of those too...good luck!

Dec 19, 2011

Jazmine G.

Yup, I agree with all the other ladies. I co-wash with Tresemee's conditioner for dry and damaged hair (friggin love that stuff!) or Organic Root Stimulating Conditioner (it comes in little packs, not in a bottle). Both are great and cheap. I work out with some sort of regularity too, so this is always an issue. 

you can wash your hair technically 3 days after the relaxer....i like to wait at least a week before i wash my hair with shampoo just to be safe...but with working out regularly i can understand wanting to wash it sooner then that....cowashing is great and like the girls above me said it wont stripe your hair like shampoo does...also co washing instead of regular shampooing will help to alleviate dandruff a little bit because the conditioner has mositurizing properties that shampoo does not...i mention this because I saw one of your other posts about grease or oil....oil is definetely better because it wont clog your hair follicles which stunts growth and grease will... but i have to admit that i love my grease because i also get bad dandruff and most of the time oil just doesnt do it for i think its more of a personal choice... 

Dec 21, 2011

Steph M.

i've been getting my hair relaxed RELIGIOUSLY for about 7 years now... according to my hair stylist you are not supposed to wash your hair for at least 48 hours. i'm not sure exactly how the chemicals work, but i know they need to "sink in" or it will just come out, and considering its not cheap, i'd say the longer the wait the better. if its not your first time doing it, you can put your hair in a loose ponytail to keep it out of your fact, but from my experience, longer the better!!

I use V05 as well. I like it and it is cheap

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