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Advice for applying makeup WHILE wearing glasses?

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Feb 19, 2011

Amy N.

Yes, you read correctly: makeup application with your glasses on! I see tutorials about makeup for glasses, how to complement your frames, but what about the girls who can't afford/wear or don't want to wear contacts?

How do you apply makeup with your glasses in the way and you can't see much but shapes and color without them? I can take my frames off for foundation and powder but eye makeup is near impossible. Am I doing something wrong?

have you tried a magnifying mirror? that could possibly help.

Feb 19, 2011

Amy N.

Yep! It didn't make much difference.

I have a very acute astigmatism as well as being myopic. Basically I'm near-sighted and blind as a bat, as the old saying goes.

Because of it I have to be practically on top of the mirror. As years have passed I learned to do the basics without having to heavily rely on the mirror and only use a 5x magnifying mirror to smooth out my make up. As for eyeshadow, that's the tricky part but again years of practice.

My near-sightedness is why I don't do tutorials because I can't see.

Feb 19, 2011

Amy N.

How do you do eye liner? I always hold mine straight out so it gets between me and the mirror and I can't see! Do you hold the pencil at a sharp angle?

With eyeliner I prop my elbow on the counter with the edge of my palm on the mirror and move my wrist across the lid. Put your elbow on your desk then pretend you have a pencil in your hand, with your opposite hand pretend that's the mirror and rest the edge of your palm on it. Practice moving your wrist without lift your hand off the "mirror". 

I'm going to try to talk more about this in my blog, but yes applying makeup when your blind is hard! its kind of the reason why I don't make tutorials either. I really want to but my camera blurrs up because I get to close, lol. My best friend lately has been a small mirror I can hold in one hand and then I apply my make with the other.

I think we should all collaborate to make better tutorials for GWG's! :D 

Feb 23, 2011

Amy N.

Yasmin, that sounds super complicated. I don't have much coordination as it is, haha.

Betsy, do it! For us and your German fans!

Actually it's not complicated at all. Sounds like it but it's not and with practice you'll get the hang of it in no time. :D

Feb 24, 2011

Christina T.

What about holding mirror below you and try to apply the eyeliner from above? 

Strange but true for me... If I try that with glasses on the magnification is smaller than without my glasses. I get a true view without my glasses even if it's blurry. I can see almost clearly without my glasses and being a few inches from the mirror. LOL I can't get a good view with my glasses on but that's just me no idea how other near-sighted women do it.

lol, I just read my last post and I just noticed I put make instead of makeup.
@ Christina I totally do my makeup the same way! I keep my glasses on and do what your doing in the pic above or take off my glasses ( for like mascara and eyeshadow) and hold my small mirror about an inch away from my face so I can see what I'm doing, :D. 

Apr 03, 2011

Steph M.

i also have to wear my glasses 24/7- so to put on eyeliner all i do is bring the pencil from under my glasses... i guess its the same way Christina described above, but for your waterline/under eye. 

I made my first decent makeup tutorial for girls that wear glasses! please watch and tell me what I should change!

Aug 12, 2014

Mallory H.

Red lips😘

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Amy N.

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