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Red Lipstick and Eating

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This may sound like a silly question, but let's say you want to rock a red lip look to a dinner event.

How do you eat and keep your lipstick intact at the same time? Constant trips to the ladies' to reapply? Lipcote? Or eat really carefully?

I suppose it's best to not even attempt a red lip to begin with, but what if it suits the occasion?

Andrea F.

Feb 19, 2011

Andrea F.

Get something like the Loreal Infallible Lip Color or the Pro Longwear ones from Mac.. Those go on as a liquid and dry and are completely dry on your lips.. Don't budge or anything. Or if you could find a vibrant red stain, that would work too. I think an actual lipstick wouldn't do well at a dinner event, however. Too risky :P These are awesome alternatives though, I'd say

This works too: If you lick the part of the cup / wine glass you're sipping from, it will create a barrier so your lipstick stays on your mouth. The tricky part is being discreet while trying to lick a clear wine glass. lol. xoxo

Andrea: Thanks for the lip stain idea! Will try that out instead of regular lipstick. :)

Nancy-Lee: Wow, I never knew of that licking trick either. I'll try it at home first, lol, before attempting it discreetly in public. 

Feb 20, 2011

Liana B.

1. line your lips with a matching lipliner and fill in your lips with it too
2. apply 1 coat of lipstick; blot; then apply another one (it also helps if the formula is long wearing)
3. place 1ply of tissue over your lips and light dust powder over the kleenex; the powders will set the lipcolor and lock it in place
4. you can apply another coat of lipstick if you want
these steps should help it stay! :)

Oh Liana, that step-by-step guide is awesome!
One question - my lips tend to get dry when I wear lipstick. Will blotting make it even more dry?

Sep 30, 2013

Lashay B.

Maybellines 24 hour stay definitely stays on!! :) its meant to not rub off. works great. literally a hassle to take off!

Oct 18, 2013

Delaney K.

Put the lipstick on then get a tissue or toilet paper thats two ply and seperate so its one thin sheet then lightly set that on lips then put translucent powder on the still with the tissue in between.

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