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Drugstore DUPES for Nars and Mac Cosmetics

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Jul 09, 2011

Kim B.

Need to find Drugstore Dupes

Orgasm Blush
Angelika Blush

Candy Yum Yum Lipstick
Pink Friday Lipstick
Dollymix Blush
Frankly Scarlet Blush
Warm Soul Blush
Viva glam lipstick (the one that only lasted for a year, its a light pink?) 

Jul 09, 2011

Jeny W.

ELF has a blush/bronzer duo that is a dupe for the nars orgasm/laguna duo. I use it everyday, its $3 at target

Jamie D.

Jul 09, 2011

Jamie D.

Those lipsticks are very hard to dupe as they are very unique shades. I think La Femme has a dupe for dollymix and they have red which is similar to frankly scarlet. They aren't drugstore but they are $2.99 each. I think you can find some great bright pinks, but I don't think you will find 100% dupes of those. Rimmel Pink Blush is a nice light pink that is similar, though less blue, than gaga.

Well NARS Angelika Blush looks similar to e.l.f. Fuchsia Fusion blush.

Jul 09, 2011

Kim B.

THank you all!!! Has anyone tried out the Elf Cream Blushes? if so, are they worth the money to spend?

Jul 09, 2011

Shelly T.

NARS Orgasm ~ I know there's a Milani blush that's a near exact dupe for it; I can't think of the name. And yeah, as Jeny noted, e.l.f.'s blush/bronzer duo is a dupe for the Orgasm/Laguna duo. I think e.l.f.'s single blush (Studio collection) in Tickled Pink is one, too.

You can also try the Dupe List on Temptalia.

I second Mandy's Temptalia list suggestion. There are swatches and even a percentage meter on how close the dupe is to the original with a well written description of how it may or may not be an exact dupe.

Milani luminous is said to be an EXACT dupe for Orgasm. There's so many blogs on it for comparison too. :)
Here's a photo of the two together

Milani Rose Hip is almost an exact dupe for Candy Yum Yum. It's not AS blue/pink but it's darn close!! Here are the google images search for that so you can see yourself:

NYX Round Lipstick in Strawberry Milk is almost an exact dupe for Viva Glam (I'm amusing you meant Gaga's lipstick) Side by side, NYX doesn't look as blue, but on the lips, they look almost identical!
Here's a side-by-side comparison to the two. (NYX being all black one & Gaga being the 1st one)

a great dupe for Kandi Yum Yum is NYX's Soft Matte Lip Creme in Addis Ababa :DD i LOVE them O.o i also have it in Amsterdam and its my love<33 im gunna buy a back up and like all the colors O.O

NARS Orgasm = Milani in Luminoso :))

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