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Stop The Madness!!....My Cure for Rough, Dry Cuticles

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So the main problem I come across as a "Vicious Manicurist" & Nail Care Specialist is rough, dry cuticles.

I'll tell you right now most of the time the problem is your manicurist. Cuticles are living tissue and just like the rest of your skin, when cut a scab will grow. A lot of manicurists cut the cuticles way to much and as the days go by your body will grow a scab trying to heal the damage. But what do we do when we see this? We run back to the manicurist who caused the damage to get "over cut" again. I hate to say it but some manicurist do this to keep you running back!

Did you know in most states it is illegal to cut cuticles? A Nail Care Specialist does but a lot of ''around the way manicurist" don't. So how do we salve this rough, dry cuticles problems?........

1. Find a Nail Care Specialist not just a "lunch break" manicurist.
It's funny to my have many woman would never go into a hair salon offering a wash and blow for $20, but don't mind cheaping out on their nails. Remember you get what you pay for, But we will save that for another post.

2. Stop cutting your cuticles .
The first three weeks will be hard BUT STICK WITH IT!!!
Just keep pushing them back. My favorite place to do this is in the shower. Try using your wash cloth. Wrap one thumb in the cloth and use it to gently push back the cuticles on the opposite hand.

3. Moisture Moisture Moisture!!!
I can not stress this enough. It does not matter if you use lotion, cream or oil (I have even used lip balm and a pinch). Most moisturizers contain the same main ingredients. You don't have to spend major duckets...just use some thing!

4. Eat right!
Your nails, hands and feet are the one of the first places on your body to show any lack of nourishment. Make sure you eat right and take multi-vitamins. Also Biotin is great for healthy nails, hair, and cuticles. I even like to open up the capsules and smear the oil directly on my cuticles.
So pop those pills your nail will thank you...(but ask your doc first!)


I've been on the fence lately about whether or not to start cutting/removing my cuticles, now I definitely will not!

Jun 21, 2012

Tia B.

Great post.....

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