Beauty Product Reviews


I love this stuff! The consistence is thick so it's not really mess. It's gentle AND strong so you won't needs to do a lot of tugging at your delicate skin.

And to me, it's a little cooling which feel nice on puffy eyes

Worth every penny!

If your cuticles are janky & dry, this product is a lifesaver! I like to apply it at night right after my shower while my hands are still a little damp. That way it really seals in the moisture!

It doesn't get any better!

Know why I love this product? It lives up to its name and then some.

Not only is does it dry fast, but it will have your nails shining like patent leather! Love Love Love

....okay, I guess

While I dig the concept, this palette left much to be desired. The colors were a lil on the muddy side and hard to blend. I really wanted to love it, but.... I just don't.


I LOVE THIS PERFUME! It's everything I've ever looked for in a sent. Light (but pungent in a good way), clean, feminine, floral, soapy & long lasting. This ain't your nana's perfume....& it ain't your baby sisters body splash ether. btw....Ladies If you're over 16 knock it off with the body splash/ body spray! It smells cheap & alcoholy....most men think so me ;-)

Freakishly Good.......

... Frighteningly over priced!! btw, I'm not feeling the whole "bullet" thing. The packaging is supposed to make it easier for one to carry product 'on the go', but for me is makes is harder. idk, everything's not for everybody. I wish it was cheaper & in a normal package, I would gobble it up!


If you know me you know I love highlight only slightly more then I love contour so anytime I can have them together in a sleek little package is a win/win for Amber! Not only is duo convenient, but HELLO! Its Makeup Forever & how often do they miss the mark? Hardy ever! This sculpting kit is easy to blend, stays in place & comes in a gang of shades. You also get a good amount for the price...... probably why I picked up 2 ;-) Buy this now or regret it later!

the Alpha & Omega

So many fragrances on the shelf today. It seems like any soul with a record deal also feels the need to bless the masses with their own bottle of nasal candy (or poison), but lets be real......................Classic never die!

Always expect a honest review out of me!......

This is one of the most over-hyped, overpriced gimmicks on the market today.

Now Ciate make some great products, their Nail Tonic - Hydrator = AMAZING, but "nail carviar"?..... Come one.

I have yet to see a clean application or read a positive review that did not sound patronizing (or like, text book "PR" lingo).

The beads don't even last a day!!

Its pushed as something revolutionary, but in the end I 'm just left wondering "How gullible do the PR reps really think we are?"

I GIVE THIS PRODUCT ONE " ! " OUT OF 4....just because of the clever product marketing. !_ _ _