Usually doin' music but then makeup happened :D

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Apr 12, 2012

D P.

Hi my name is Dianne and I enjoy expressing myself through art and music. On my yt page for the last 3 years I've been posting covers of songs I enjoy with my personal twist since I love singing and playing the guitar. I've never been so girly but then I started watching makeup tutorials on yt and I just love how makeup can enhance facial features dramatically or in just a simple, lovely way.

My makeup routine is pretty simple. I just do eye makeup and play around with lip colors or just use a simple gloss. I don't really care for foundation since I don't mind putting the effort into taking care of my skin although admittedly I can be lazy about that lol.

As cheesy as it sounds, I believe makeup is something to embrace since it's part of making yourself feel good about taking care of yourself and it's just fun to feel pretty. I don't ever want to feel like I -need- makeup. It's a fun, expressive hobby and we should wear the makeup, not let it wear us =)

Apr 13, 2012

Anjum C.

Hey! Music and singing was definitely my very first love in the world of art. Unfortunately, I don't really know how much talent I have with singing... So I turned to makeup as my one artistic outlet I have real confidence in my capability in. I don't really do it because I -need- it. Like you. It's something that makes me feel like I can... do something. Artistically. You're a lovely singer, and I wish I could play guitar like you. Enjoy beautylish!

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