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is there ANYBODY else who is an NW30?

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Apr 28, 2012

Amanda K.

i usually wear an NC20, have been as light as NC15 in the winter-one MUA had said nw15 a few years ago, but NC has always seemed to be my "perfect match", and the rest of the muas had agreed so i figured that one gal was just... weird. anyway.. so i got a fair bit of color this year, and the nc20 looked like STARK WHITE on me and i thought, alright, i'll logically pop up to an NC25.. the nc25 legit made me look like i had jaundice on parts of my face. so i went to the counter, told them the issue, she said, "really? in this light you kinda seem like nw..." tried nw25, and it was light, and then said NW30 was a great match. i was surprised because people always say they run rather pink, but i saw no pink at all, and was pleasantly surprised at the relatively high up shade [for me, haha--there have been times when NC15 was too dark! THATS how white i can get!]

so just for comparison, i started checking online, to see what the foundation i bought would look like when applied, what the colour is like, the similarities etc.. i found maybe ONE person that fell into that category. is there ANYBODY who is an NW30? it seems to be a tough shade! even an NW25 would help me out at this point....

thanks all!! <3

May 04, 2012

Amanda K.

guess not!

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