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What are some of the best things you done got from thrift stores? Here is the link to my thrift haul video. I got some awesome stuff!!

May 07, 2012

Zoe C.

I think some of the stuff you can get in those places are really cool, I'm just too scared to go in :P

May 07, 2012

Terra M.

I love thrift stores! It's like a little adventure to dig around on the racks and see what you can find:) Some of the best things I've found was a used Michael Kors bag that looked like new. Also a pair of Nine West sandals that looked amazing! I mostly just look for strange shirts, the ones I love the most look like they came from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air :P I have a sewing machine so I love to browse the mens section and look for big strange printed shirts and make pillows and bags out of them! The beauty is in the wierd prints you see...Such as moose print or koi fish:P Also thrift stores are the best if you are looking for floral print things for the spring!  

NARS lip liner for under two dollars.
I ended up swapping it though 'cos I didn't like the colour.

May 10, 2012

Vanessa T.

I love thrift stores, I like to go a couple times a year. You never know what you'll find. Once I found a BCBG cardigan that I adored. I think that was a 1 in a million discovery though as I haven't been able to find something like it since haha
I usually love getting basic or graphic T's, dresses or big comfy sweaters. Never been too keen on shoe/pants selections though!

May 11, 2012

Sherry W.

I live in Texas and I have been going to Thrift stores since I was little with my grandma. I don't just go in to look for clothes, sometimes cute vintage/antique nick-nacks and jewelry. I also like to go to Consignment shops, which always have a great selection at a good price, plus since you can sell your clothes, then buy some it's perfect way to just swap out and basically spend no money, or very little. I like searching thrift shops for things that I can make into something new. Like making a skirt out of oversized button - up. I should probably do a DIY on my blog about that one. They are super cute.

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