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What are some of the best things you done got from thrift stores? Here is the link to my thrift haul video. I got some awesome stuff!!

May 07, 2012

Zoe C.

I think some of the stuff you can get in those places are really cool, I'm just too scared to go in :P

NARS lip liner for under two dollars.
I ended up swapping it though 'cos I didn't like the colour.

May 11, 2012

Sherry W.

I live in Texas and I have been going to Thrift stores since I was little with my grandma. I don't just go in to look for clothes, sometimes cute vintage/antique nick-nacks and jewelry. I also like to go to Consignment shops, which always have a great selection at a good price, plus since you can sell your clothes, then buy some it's perfect way to just swap out and basically spend no money, or very little. I like searching thrift shops for things that I can make into something new. Like making a skirt out of oversized button - up. I should probably do a DIY on my blog about that one. They are super cute.

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