Beauty Product Reviews

I am loving this blush. It looks so good on my skin! I am going to put this in my March fav video! I can't tell the difference between this blush and a high end blush. It is sooo pigmented!!

use it everyday!

This is a great cheap brush. I use it everyday to apply my covergirl powder. It blends perfectly. The only flaw I have seen is that my handle became loose after a while, but I have 2 more :) Anyhow follow me on my new blog <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a> and I will follow back. Thanx!! :)

MY FAV!!!!!

I love this pallet soooo much. Its also my go to pallet. Last weekend I rocked that gunmetal color and it was gorgeaus!! Follow my new blog and I will follow back! Its going to have makeup, fashion and a lil extra :) kisses