What Are These Bumps On My Armpits? :(

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Mar 05, 2012

Danielle H.

I don't want to take a picture because it makes me sad to look at it since ive never gotten it before, but I have been getting these small red and white itchy bumps on my armpits recently. I shave my armpits with a razor in the shower and have never had a problem before, but just recently i was promoted and my uniform changed. I work outside all day in Texas and my old uniform was a breezy short sleeve, but now I have to wear a dark 3/4 sleeve button up shirt. Are the bumps because of sweat? I don't really sweat a lot, even in this heat, but i think that may be the problem. Any advice on how to avoid getting these and to get rid of them after i already got them?

Mar 06, 2012

Hannah M.

this could be a bacterial infection in the hair follicall, i'd go to your doctor and suss things out with him. Hope I helped and wishing you all the best


Mar 07, 2012

Shelley W.

Also you might want to switch out your laundry detergent to something that is free of color and fragrance. The fabric may be rubbing up against your skin thus irritating it. If the material of your shirt has polyester in it its probably not allowing your skin to breath thus allowing for moisture to stay on the skin instead of being wicked away. Definitely sounds like an infection as Hannah mentioned. Definitely see your doc before you begin self-medicating (thus making things worse). 

Mar 07, 2012

Danielle H.

Thanks guys! I think i figured it out for the most part. It was a combination of things(including some of what you mentioned): my shirt was tight and rubbing against my skin, I forgot that I had changed out my blade on my razor, so I was using a new Venus 5 blade razor on thin skin, i forgot to use deodorant so the little sweat that was released was trapped there by my shirt, and i didn't use my daily argan oil on my skin since i was in a hurry so i had dry skin. <--funny how my boyfriend had to point out what i did and didnt do that morning, seems like he knows my beauty regimen better than i do lmao Thanks again Shelley and Hannah! I still have some small bumps, but they are going away (:

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