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Tanning Bed vs. Spray Tan

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Feb 26, 2012

Jessica F.

I am a fair skinned gal and usually when I go on vacation I will go bake in a tanning bed for a month to achieve a nice color. I just found out there is a mild history of skin issues in my family (my uncle had some moles and beauty marks that triggered a skin cancer screening). I like the look of a natural tan, but I worry about lines, I am 32 and I want to be proactive about facial wrinkles and I know tanning does NOT help. But the alternative of spray tans just looks orange. Any insights on how I can achieve a healthy summer glow so I can look good in white and not mess up my skin?

Mar 03, 2012

Robyn S.

I use L'oreal professional spray tan and I love it, has it for like 5-7$ a bottle and a bottle lasts me about a week. I love it!!

Spray tan for sure :) x

Mar 04, 2012

Paige S.

What about mystic tan? Or if you prefer at home self tanners I recommend st.tropez

For those of you who get spray tans, how long does it realistically last? Do you still exfoliate like with body scrub and shave and stuff, and does that affect how long the tan lasts?

Mine lasted for 2 weeks but I did some upkeep with mine by using jergens to let it last longer! I have found sunless tanning lotions at my local beauty supply that work just as well as the spray tans and are much cheaper! They are streakless and look a natural bronze, lotions have come a long way! I used tanning beds for a few summers and just decided to stop once I learned how unhealthy they really are but I still love being tan so this is the safest alternative I can think of lol

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