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Prom help?

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Mar 28, 2012

Annie K.


I just bought a white chiffon gown for my boyfriend's rather classy prom in May. But I can't decide what to do for my makeup and nails! I was thinking to do a very light, silver smokey eye and a nude lip, and maybe coral nails since everything else will be rather neutral. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated! :)

Mar 28, 2012

Branka P.

well, with a white dress and neutral accessories, you can do pretty much anything.
i would suggest going with colors that flatter your skintone and add some dimension and oomph to your look. a pop of an interesting color such as teal or purple could be fun as well.

Apr 14, 2012

Siri S.

well to white ... It depends on what kinda of look your going for, goddess look can be easily done whit a dark and medium toned brown and a nice gold ( if you have the naked pallet, that will work awzume!) whit gold accerssories this can look totally amazing! I woudn't recomand going whit red, pink, blue or purple shades for prom since the camera is probobly going to be around. And you don't wanna look like you just got smashed. Black smokey eyes could work to, but then I would go whit silver accessories since your probobly going to work whit cold toned blacks. Good luck and have an awzume time at prom!

May 02, 2012

Annie K.

Thanks to both of you!

I had forgotten to mention I got silver shoes with the dress, actually more of a pewter color I guess so I'll probably end up going with the cooler tones.
I think I'm going to go with coral nails and a subtle coral lip, perhaps a lip stain?
And I've been trying to find a statement necklace in turquoise to set it off since practically everything else is neutral. I was thinking about doing a very thin turquoise liner right next to my lash line with just a light sweep of silvery eyeshadow along with black mascara and black liner on the bottom, but I'm not sure if that'd be too much with the coral lip and all.

May 02, 2012

Annie K.

Maybe similar to this actually? So even more subtle than what I was thinking before

If you're going to have a bold colorful eye don't do the coral lip. It would be too overwhelming. But one or the other would look good. I would winged liner with some falsies and a bright coral or red lip. And I think it's absolutely stunning to match your nail polish with your lipstick so that could work for your coral idea. :)

If you're doing that "even more subtle", then I'd be all over that coral lip.
Because that thin~ liner and light~ sweep wouldn't make it a very bold colourful eye.

(Actually, personally, I'd be all over that coral lip even if it wasn't a subtle eye.)

May 02, 2012

Christina L.

Since your dress is very neutral, I would go with a bright, bold eye. Maybe a smokey blue or green eye? I think that having color just on the eyes will give your look a nice pop. Like this: Then I would go with a nude lip :) 

May 03, 2012

Annie K.

Thanks for the advice! I think I'll decide the day before if I'll end up doing the teal at all. But I'm definitely going with the coral lip and nails! :)

And Christina, I was thinking about doing a bolder smokey eye with a nude or peachy lip, but I really wanted to do the coral :( maybe next time though!

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