Beauty Product Reviews


I've been using this foundation for years now, and I do think it provides a subtle glow to my face. I would say it is light-medium coverage, but relatively easily buildable. I think there's a tad of shimmer in the formula, but it's nothing that you'll notice really unless you look closely at the skin of your hands after applying. I do usually set it with translucent powder as well. This foundation is also great for a natural look as it does not get cakey at all. However, if you live in very hot temperatures or exercise/sweat a lot while wearing this, it can start to melt (it's happened to me before). But still, a great product!

This concealer provides medium-heavy coverage, I would say. Sometimes I think it appears a tad cakey, but I think it also depends on if you use moisturizer beforehand and how you touch it up later in the day. It probably also depends on how much you use, since the more you use the more cakey it looks. It stays really well, and I use it during intense dance performances. My face sweats a lot, but while all my foundation is practically melting off, the concealer looks absolutely fine. Sometimes I use a teeny bit on my lips (over chapstick or else it gets all flaky) for a neutral base, since my lips are so pigmented. Although the tube is small, you don't need much of it at all. I probably use a water drop sized amount for my under-eye circles and a few red spots here and there. I also use it to brighten the edges of my nose and the corners of my mouth. A little bit really goes a long way!

Pretty awesome!

As the others have been saying, this gel liner really does glide on well and is a true black. It's easy to work with and very easy to build. The brush that comes with it isn't all that bad, but you have to wash it somewhat often or else the product builds up on it. The only problem I had with it is that mine's been getting a tad dry, but if you warm it up on your skin beforehand, it's creamy consistency is restored easily.


I love this mascara because it's affordable and works super well. I have very thin eyelashes that aren't that short, but you can't see them without any mascara on. Even after just one coat of this, people were surprised that I actually had eyelashes (ha...)! But after maybe 3 or 4 coats, because you can build with this mascara, some people even thought I was wearing false eyelashes! Main point is: If you're looking for a rather cheap mascara that will lengthen and add volume, but won't flake, this is a great choice!