How Do You Know When Makeup Is Expired?!?!

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when is it time to boot out the old makeup. Does eyeshadow get old? what amount of time do you keep your makeup?

Aug 21, 2012

Chia C.

I dnt think make ups expires until a later date. Like if ur mascura is all clumpy then get a new one cos that is in no good shapes for ur eyelashes. Eye shadows, you can start tossing them out wen they r broken or looks dull. Liquid foundations, I would toss them out wen u notice some water like in there. Well that's My own thinking of no good make up stuff.

Aug 21, 2012

Tiffany H.

For a mascara its life lasts only for 3months. Or you can tell if it starts clot. For liquid makeup just like liquid foundation or liquid eyeliner they last for 6months , gel and creamy make up lasts longer but still you have to change it after at least a year. For loose powder, compact powder, blush on you can tell when it smells not good or starts clot and the colour changes, usually 1-2years. Lipstick expired is when it smells weird and it has water droplets on its surface, but you still have to throw away the 2years old one. 

Aug 21, 2012

Hayley S.

There's usually a little picture on the label somewhere, that looks like a jar with its lid a little bit open, and there's a number inside that "jar" that tells you how many months it will take that makeup to expire/go bad. Buuuut I've kept some of mine....Quite a bit longer than that date when it comes to eyeshadows hahah. I don't feel like they really go bad quite as quickly as you'd think! :)

Aug 21, 2012

Kristina A.

Wow never knew that! ^^ helpful 

Mascara is one item you want to toss out every few months - keep no longer than six months after opening it.

Aug 21, 2012

Tori W.

I never knew about that jar symbol! I've seen it but not known what it means, thanks!

thanks for the advice you guys!

Aug 22, 2012

Hayley S.

Kristina & Tori - Thank you! And very welcome!
Gabrielle - Hopefully you got some answers you were looking for! :)

Aug 22, 2012

Raisa J.

Agreed. Look at the Jar symbol but do not go strictly by that. When it comes to makeup (especially liquid or gel formulas) there are signs.. foul smell, change in consistency, change in how it reacts to your face, but I kind of keep my rule of thumb... The more chemicals in the product, the faster it will deplete (things with anti-agers, antioxidants etc tend to expire faster bc the chemical agents only last for so long). Mascara I dump every 3-6 months, unless there is one I BARELY use, you can extend the life...but every pump of air that goes into mascara depletes it. so be aware. Eye shadows they last forever (not literally but very long as do a lot of lipsticks) Lipgloss I feel icky after having it for too long so I change them out frequently. 

good advice^^

Aug 25, 2012

Mary P.

i hate throwing makeup away, so i try really hard not to buy too much. I use up the ones i already have & return/exchange the ones i don't like. I don't stock up on makeup that expires too soon. Throw away makeup that stinks, is dried out & faded color :-(

Also dump any liquid, gel, cream if you've used it prior to the flu or cold or used while sick as most can't be disinfected.

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