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Urban decay starlight glitter tattoo ?

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May 17, 2012

Anne M.

does anyone know if its eyesafe?
like used as a glitter eye pigment?
because im waiting for this to ship and im hoping its eyesafe:/
if its not i got it for dollars so i dont mind

May 18, 2012

Terra M.

I'm thinking it is. I have the set, the glitter is very soft and not pokey or harsh at all. I have heard of lots of people using this on their face with no problems. I really wouldn't suggest putting the glue anywhere near your face though. It is a pretty strong adhesive, in a good way so the tattoos last a while, would suck to try to get it off your eyes:)

May 21, 2012

Anne M.

makes sense, yay! i can apply it with a glitter adhesive or lash glue to try it out, thanks :)

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