Beauty Product Reviews

More like a breif first impression.

I purchased this foundation 2 days ago, so i can't exactly review it because i dont know if its gonna change my skin or anything. I decided to buy it because im too light for my current foundation ( Studio Fix Fluid Nc35) so i need something lighter and don't have $26 to splurge on a foundation that im only using to a month or two. I was originally gonna pick up the revlon color stay but they only had really warm shades.

I picked this hoping itd match me and it did:) im happy, so far today in school my skin has been complimented and ive been asked if i did something different. I find i get the same coverage as my studio fix fluid but i don't feel as heavy. As for staying power i feel like it doesnt last as long and it does make me more oily through out the day. But its nothing a setting powder and oil sheets cant fix >.<

Im not a big fan of mascara i like wearing falsies on a dailt basis but do know what good and bad in mascara and i didnt like this

I felt that for the price it was the same as a Mary Kay Ultimate mascara that i regularly use with a 11 dollar difference not worth it, Im glad i tried it though. So Good(okay) mascara not worth the money for me