If you bring makeup with you on a carry-on, what do you bring?

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If you travel with your makeup, this is for you!

So I'm bringing majority of my makeup with me to California since I'm not sure how long I'll be staying. I thought it'd just be a good idea to just bring everything. I know I'm keeping my liquid things in my suitcase, that's a given. I was thinking about putting my eyeshadows, blushes, etc. my powder-y things in my carry-on though. I certainly have the room for it. I have spiffy pockets so I can organize it, yay! I heard some people had issues with lipsticks though? Some people could bring them in a carry-on, others had to put it in their suitcase. My lip gloss will be going in the suitcase. Actually, I'm thinking of sending a few products via mail to my grandma's in case my bag gets lost, lol!

So yeah...

May 26, 2012

Soma S.

You have the basic idea down for sure! I haven't had much of a problem with lipsticks, cream products or glosses in my carry-on flying domestically, however I have had issues flying internationally in the past. I always keep my pressed/powder products on my carry-on to make sure it does not break, and maybe the more expensive items I can't afford to loose like my tools... [brushes, blow dryer, flat iron, clarisonic, epillator, etc...]

If you decide to mail things ahead of time, make sure you get insurance and a tracking number on your package in case it gets lost. I would cry if I lost anything and did not have insurance...  =/

I'm always going out of town to visit my boyfriend, and I always wanna make sure I look great! My makeup bag consists of: foundation, foundation brush, powder, eyebrow filler, a neutral palette of eyeshadows that I can create different looks with, primer, a few eye brushes, one blush, a blush brush, and a gloss. Believe it or not, that all fits in my tiny Betsey Johnson case! (Sample sized products, holla!)

I flew out of JFK and didn't have a problem bringing this all with me... and they have TIGHT security. It's a known fact. Girls wear makeup. They weren't too keen on my carrying mace onboard though... that got thrown out. =P

I'd take everything carry on, and just make sure your liquids are in plastic bags!

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