Beauty Product Reviews

Don't even think about it. Cop it!

Really? $3 for a bronzer that I have yet to find a higher brand dupe for? Not orangey OR muddy OR shimmery like most other bronzers out there (ie the ones from Nars, Benefit, MAC, Urban Decay, Lorac). I use this with a fluffy face brush for an all over tan or with a 116 for buildable contouring and the color works perfectly for my NC40 skin without breaking me out!!! On my 3rd one.

Versatile, well worth the $22.50!

Splays and discolors if not properly cleaned or used for a hell of a long time. That's really my only qualms. A HG for sure and perfect and so easy to use! Highly recommend to beginners looking for an all purpose eye brush. Packs on color, blends, small enough to reach the inner corner or detail the crease and large enough to high light and sweep on larger areas.

Forget this, Naked Palette is better.

Yeah, colors are nice and pigmented, but for the $$$, it's just not that worth it! For a little more, you can get the Naked palette which has tons more color choices, more product, a mirror, better pay-off, an eye primer AND a brush. Skip it, really...unless you're a sucker for cute packaging (which I totally understand too).

NAY for sparse, straight lashes.

This WOULD be good...if I had luscious, thick, curly lashes, but I don't. I have the infamous short and incredibly straight (SO straight that it actually points DOWNWARD) lashes and so I'm incredibly needy when it comes to a high-performing mascara. It's a really deep black color, which is great, and it does an OK job at holding my curl, but that's ONLY if I wipe most of the mascara off the wand and use it on its thin side. The cupping action of this brush does nothing but flake and clump my lashes in one go and is a pain to get the inner corners or lower lashes. Why exactly does the brush need to be flexible anyway? Nothing for these lashes, baby.

Everyday to every night!

Great for a piece of mind when on the run. Fantastic for beginners AND mu junkies alike, a definite holy grail for ANY stash. At first I thought I didn't need this, mainly cuz I already have some of the e/s's PLUS dupes...but as a MU artist, this palette is just a great addition for my own personal stash. I wish it came with the original double-sided 24/7 pencils though--the heavy synthetic brush just isn't the ideal brush for these shadows. It doesn't transfer the shadows well and really works better as a cream product applicator. Major let-down on such a would have been all-in-one product.

Not impressed.

Just didn't match my olive-y yellowish skin tone and didn't last all day on my skin. I even used a mattifier underneath! It slipped, oxidized and left me in an oily mess after only 2 hours of wear. This would be perfect for skin that needs that extra hydration and glow--just not for the oily-skinned.


NOTHING compares to this, NOTHING. FAST drying and makes any messy paint job look flawless and salon-quality. Seriously knows how to cover mistakes. If you haven't tried this, do so! It's well worth

Not for the oily skinned!

Creases and changes colors on oily lids. Tried 2 shades too, not worth it. Good for those who don't have oily anything. Shame though, beautiful and natural shades.

Perfect solution for oily lids!!!

Now that they came out with a tube instead of a spoolie dealio, I've gotta give this produce 5 stars. I come from a family of oily skin and understand the frustrations of creasing, sliding, discolorations from oxidation, etc. This product really is a savior in that it not only prevents my e/s from creasing, but it stops sliding AND discoloration as well!!! HG, period.