Beauty Product Reviews

I've got about 15

Sinful colors is my go-to for nail polish. It's not as costly as others but it's still got quality. I find it at Fred Meyers for $1.99 and it's usually paired with a buy one get one coupon. I suggest you try it in Fasion Neon for a flirty punk/rock look or in the Ruby Ruby for a couture/rockabilly look. Those two are my favorites!


Apparently I'm one of few who actually like the Nail Art Pen. I have it in black and it's super fun to play with. It's hasn't leaked on me, but it has on other i guess. So one out four is not very good odds. If your willing to risk the leakage I say get it and have fun with it!


I like the OPI Shatter the best. Even though it's thick I find it has a better shattered finish than other brands. It works best if you use a light base color underneath it opposed to darker colors. The Key is to let your nails dry completely before applying Shattered to them.