Beauty Product Reviews


I love these pallet I got mine from a website where they still have it! And I wished I would have picked up another one just incase they run out of it! because my favorite eyeshadow is the white/ nudish colour. The matt colours are really matt! I don't feel like they are too powdery, okey there might be some fall out but not to the extreme, where Im botherd by it! I wish wet n wild could keep selling these once and maybe make more matt shades because the colour icon pallets there is like 95 percent shimery and no matt ones! A big plus is the small price! I paid 80kr (11 dolars) And I know in the us they might be like 5 or 6 dollars. and even tough I paid about twice the amount I think it's still the best natural pallet and it's a good dupe for the naked pallet by urban decay. Or at least it's not the same shades but it take upp less room and is good for travel( and you still can do various looks whit it)! A big must have for every make up geek! If I may say so ...


I like this concealer I like that it's very creamy, First I aply it whit my fingers and just warm it up on my skin, then I have foundation and kinda blend it out, then I seal it all whit powder. And I think it lasts all day! I think it's too thick to use on let's say pores and acne, so I never use it on my acne. It's easy to blend whit and I like it!!

The Money I Spent Was Well Spent Money

So I have had the brush for about a week now, have washed it and been testing it! I love this brush, soo soo soo gentle brush, so soft! I think the brush semes hard and can last long, like the handle and the brush doesn't feel cheap. I never like my kabuki brush so I just use this brush whit my mineral power! And I love it! I have also used to aply blush and countur but I don't think I like using it lika that, but this works awzume whit powder, Some people have said that the handle falls off, but that has also happend to my other powder brush, and I just glude it right back on again. But I donnu I will let you know if it happens to my little elf brush!!


I like the eyeliner but a few things, when I opend the eyeliner the product had like fell out, or it was not conected to the yar that it came whit, I saw a video on youtube and noticed Im not the only one whit the problem, I don't remeber the shade but it was the metalic green(olive) one. And the product is hard to work whit BUT even tough I kinda like it tough. It's might be a good eyeliner for those who dosn't want to spend alot of money on an eyeliner in a colour and not in black.

Love Is Not Enough To Describe

I only got one eyeshadow from nyx and this one, is soo pigmented! It's so creamy and aply just as the same colour as in the pan. I find it easy to blen and it dosn't fade during the day. I read in some other rewiev that someone didn't like the blocks, I don't like this either but it's a nice tough to give it some shampe, and people will know when they see it that it's a nyx eyeshadow. I love this eyeshadow will probobly get more ... and that's always a good sign ;)

Sand On Your Eyes

I don't know how nyx desided to make this? I tought this was going to be great as a base for my glitter, I tought wrong. First of all the glitter is so sharp I tought it was going to tear up my eye. The second thing was aplying it, the thing was the glitter stuck onto my finger if I wanted to pick it up and just add it on my eyelid, and if I took a brush it woudln't transfer from the brush to the eyelid. I don't like this because the feeling of the glitter creams, isn't that great. it feels like vaselin and some glitter mixed together. the pallet itself is werry plastic and the little apicators that it comes whit arn't my favorite. Last thing don't buy this, it is not any good.

Love it so much I wanna kiss it!

Love this primer and since I have really oily lids, I coudln't bealive this stayed on! The price it alot! But compared to toofaced shadow insurance it wasn't such a big diference just about maybe 7 dollar (remeber I bought this in sweden) I love it because the eyeshadow sticks into it so well and it's just soooo great! I even practised whit my colourfoul make up and it lasted no creasing! It is skined coloured and has a bit covering up when you had it into the lid, and I think that's good! I hoped they had this in a white woul be so awzume!!! If your willing to pay the price, you won't be let down

Love but not the box

The glitter is lovely, it's a lot of colours so options and there for those who want it. The glitter isn't hurting my eye (at least for me, don't recomend glitter for those whit sensetive eyes) But one complain and why it does not have 5 stars. The box, I hate it. When you turned the top some of the glitter had fallen out on like the side so the cap isn't holding everything in which is a bumet .So I orderd from the craft store something to keep it in, works lovely - just a tip for those who might have my problem haha :)

Good luck all my glitter guys and gals <3

Everything I ever wanted !!

I have tried werry many eyeliners, and whitout a primer or anything - it lasted a whole day in school, to the gym and even at that party! If your looking for an eyeliner wich does not move or smudge! This is what you should get! I agree whit KarenN about the brush. It was worth money and when I go to mac next time Im going to get some more of them <3 And this is something I will always use!!