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Beauty Product Reviews


its great, it smells a little funky but by the next day when you use it again it feels as if you had just deep cleaned them, they are really soft and dont feel like that have been absorbing any product


i tried to post this before but i guess it didnt work but this is my favorite product ever, it lasts all day long and even through meals without having to touch up at all. my favorite color is spellbound and im in love with it.


i like this brush a lot and i dont find it streaking too much, only once in a while however the only thing that bothers me is that it is a lot thinner in the amount of bristles it has compared to my other foundation brushes but i uses this one a lot throughout the week, its great


its great for the summer time when you dont want something too heavy on your skin but i found that it didnt last very long and waasnt full coverage so i normally just use this in the summer when i want lighter foundation

its okay

i like it, but i feel that it dried out my lips after a while, but really long lasting!! i find that the clear lipstick that comes with it is great on its own and very moisturizing so sometimes when i just want some shine i end up just using that

i love this product, i bought it at my local drug store on a whim because i saw it a few times on youtube and i tried it out, it smells GREAT! and it coats my lips for hours and keeps them smooth and soft where as regular chapsticks i found would come off after 20 miinutes and did nothing for me, but this is great