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Beauty Product Reviews

if its estee lauder?? its a must have. i wear the whole line of pleasure perfumes. they are absolutelyyyyyyyyy fabulous!! cant choose really. this one is definitely exotic and sexy. it lingers where ever you go. i use them so hard and so much my bf thinks im crazy^-^ cant help it! the scent is amazing tho.

soooo easy and nice to use. some colours need quite a bit of application *kinda on the lighter side* but quite a few stands out. the black is awesome and the sea frost blue. i love how long it last definitely doesnt bleed after a few hrs. its a good wear *thumbs up

omg!omg!omg!omg! this fragance had men trailing me*creeped me out but it is absolutely breathtaking and wonderful. been wearing the original pleasures for like 8yrs and since this im like a kid in a candy store. favourite smell of allllll time hands down!!! looooong lasting like wash your clothes and its on it lasting haha....great stuff!

amazing stuff! soft lightweight! rid ur face of the shine. at first i thought it wud look icky being that i live in the tropics but it really doesnt. def stay put no embarassment there^-^ i tend to use when im goin on dates and stuff just because i totally feel comfortable and assured my makep isnt going to be affected by wear and tear. definitely worth having.

looooove it!! heavenly!! its lasting, not heavy very soft and womanly.nits quite refreshing i was pleasantly pleased and surprised. its definitely my lil take everywhere scent. i mix it with my lotion and voila! all day smell! thumbs up(y)

agree with you Simone it does rub off and trust me...not a good look. other than that it makes for greaaaat coverage, almost flawless. has a matte finish which is perfect for oily/combo skin. a tad messy tho but all in all a good product.