Estée Lauder

Beyond Paradise Eau de Parfum


Angela J.
Favorite Perfume, ever!

I'm a perfume addict, but this is my all time favorite. I've been wearing it since it came out but I am still just as in love with it as the first time I tried it.

Shana G.

if its estee lauder?? its a must have. i wear the whole line of pleasure perfumes. they are absolutelyyyyyyyyy fabulous!! cant choose really. this one is definitely exotic and sexy. it lingers where ever you go. i use them so hard and so much my bf thinks im crazy^-^ cant help it! the scent is amazing tho.

Hunny V.

I love this perfume, it's been one of my favorites since it first came out. The bottle is very pretty and it smells great. I went thru 3 bottles. It's very classy, I just love it.

Jessenia I.
Love it!

This is my signature everyday perfume. I love it! It has a subtle jasmine floral scent. All you need is just a light mist and it lasts all day.

Kriss K.
I always come back to this

I am a perfume addict. My vanity is covered with bottles of scents I love but I ALWAYS come back to this. The scent isn't too strong, it's feminine and I love the bottle itself. It is heaven in a bottle.

Rebecca B.

This was my first perfume ever! I got it when I was only 14! The scent smells good and estee lauder scents do last all day. I no longer wear it though, I found it to be a younger persons scent.