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Staying Power + Pigmentation = Must have cream shadow!

I have always been one of those people that loved the idea of cream shadows. But, never found ones they never creased and ended up being nothing other then let downs and money wasted. These are the first ones I have tried that did not let me down even one bit!! I am simply blown away at the fact that they don't lack anything. Staying power is AMAZING & the Pigmentation is on for the record books they do not fade and they are so easy to work with! Out of the 4 I own Tough as Taupe is my favorite. It is this perfect anytime taupe color that is MATTE!!!! I love that. I hope Maybelline makes these permanent because I will for sure be purchasing these over and over!

Twinkle & Silver Dazzle!

I love how much these sparkle in the sun! I now own two. I have Silver Dazzle & A new one Twinkle that just came out! It is so pretty. There are nicely priced and packaged. As far as formulation these are not one coat. But after a few they are gorgeous. I love using these alone or on my accent nails for a bit of bling. You many need two coats or a good top coat like Seche Vite to not feel any grit on Dazzle but all in all these are great!

Every great piece of art needs a flawless base!

I love MAC paint pots because they are so amazing! I love all the colors that MAC puts out and have the hardest time picking which one I want to try. I have tried 6 now and love them all for there own characteristics they bring to your eye looks. The one I am currently own and love is Nubile! This one is a very versatile paint pot in that it brings two key items to it. One, it mutes out your lid color like Painterly or Soft Ochre (both of which I have owned) but has an iridescents to it that can enhance any metallicy or shimmery shadow! So it is like getting two paint pots in one which I love. The packaging is your standard sturdy MAC paint pot. I think the price is fair for what it does and how it enhances your finished product!

The Best Bang For Your Buck!

I really enjoy the Flare Palette from Sigma. Out of the 3 that I own this one gets an A for variety. This has very wearable neutral color options and very out there fun color options. This palette would be great to take with you on a vaction/trip because you never know what looks you might need and this can supply all of them in one palette. The brush that comes with this palette is the E40 which is great for blending & the E55 which is great for packing on color. So if you love neutrals and colors you can get it all with this palette=)

Daring Palette!

This palettes name says it all! It comes with a selection of colors you would not normally have in your arsenal. But non the less the pigmentation and variety of ways you can use these colors is vast. This palette includes two matte shades, three shimmer shades, two more glittery shades, and one iridescent shade. My two favorite out of this palette are Escape and Surrender. But they are also the most wearable out of this palette. Grasp would be a great color for Summer time. This palette comes with the best brush combination in my opinion. The E45 is my favorite Sigma brush ever! The tapered end makes for effortless crease blending. I also really like the E20 on the opposite end I use this mainly for under my lower lash line and use it all the time. The packaging is sturdy and solid just like the other two in this line. I only docked this half a star because of the color selections. Some people may love bold, bright, daring colors. But for others this maybe to far out of their comfort zone. But if you love bright, fun colors this is a great palette for you.

A great Neutral Palette!

Out of the three Sigma Palettes that I own this is my favorite. I love that this palette includes 4 matte shades as many palettes today put out a lot of shimmery eye shadows. I love mattes for definition in my crease. This palette also has 3 shimmer colors and a glittery black. So balance wise this palette has it all. The packaging is very sturdy and solid feeling. I love the double ended brush it comes with, one end is the every popular E25 Blending brush and the opposite end is the famous E30 Pencil brush. With all that packaged up in one palette is what makes this a great palette not for just every day but to take with you on the go!

Amazing Texture!

This is such an interesting lip gloss. To me it feels more like a Lip Cream! Which is really great as far as texture and longevity are concerned. The texture is very smooth and unlike anything else I have in my collection. I really like how it feels. Because it is a cream like consistency it does not have any sticky feeling to it. Which is a total plus to me. But, because it is a thicker cream it is so pigmented and has great staying power. If you guys have not had a chance to try these out you really should. I love the color on this also it is Berry toned with a gold tinge to it which is such a great color for this time of year!

Gorgeous Nude/Pink!

I got this NARS lipstick a few weeks ago. But, have been wearing it every other day since I did. I love that these NARS lip sticks are sheer (like the name suggests) but they are easily buildable. Cruising is a beautiful everyday color. That can be worn with very bold makeup or it can just make a neutral look very clean and sleek! The packaging is the standard NARS packaging. I love that it feels sturdy and secure so I do not have to worry about the top coming off if I throw it in my hand bag while I am out for the day. The wear time is very nice with this lipstick. As far as formulation I love it! This lipstick never leaves me with a dry sensation as the day progresses. It goes on smooth and I do not even apply a balm underneath it.

A must have NARS palette!

I got this palette during the Sephora Friends & Family sale and have been using it non stop ever since! I love the range of colors this palette has to offer. You have color selections for any makeup look your heart desires! Which makes this palette wonderful for travel. The packaging is of course the standard NARS packaging which I really love. Very sleek and distinctive. I love that they included a Highlight & Bronzer as well! Just a few less things I have to pack when traveling! Also, if you do the math it is a steal for everything you are getting for the price=D

A Must Have in any beauty collection!

I have been using this Skin79 Triple Functions BB Cream most of this year. Never once when I use it am I disappointed. It gives more coverage then a Tinted Moisturizer but less then a Foundation. It does not feel heavy or cakey. The finish is slightly dewy and fresh. The packaging I love. I instantly know it is the Skin79 BB Cream because of the great packaging. It is bright pink and includes a pump. Total wear time is great about 6-8 hours depending on what I am doing. It comes in a variety of sizes. The minis to try out, Travel size, and Full size. Hands down my favorite BB cream!!

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