Beauty Product Reviews

Not My Fav.

Before anyone says 'BUT THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING' let me say it's my opinion and I'm only expressing how I got on with it. I wasn't that impressed I mean yes it did clean my face well but I hated the after feeling and the smell which is strange cos I normally love the smell of Clarins products. So unfortunately thumbs down for me because I just simply pref Liz Earle. :)

I Love!

I'm in love with these eyeshadows. I have the palette with 3 shadows from the new collection. They are all so pigmented, soft, true to colour and applying them is an absolute dream. Please watch my tutorial I'm using them in creating a neutral look. It's just uploading so it should be up in about 30min.


I was looking for a foundation on a budget. I found it £11.00 for 30ml its great. Good coverage, flawless finish. I'm in LOVE.

I recommend it to anyone who has oily, prone to break outs skin.

It has fruit extracts which will help your skin.

Yummy Scruby

The scents are so beautiful I love them I find bubblegum a little too strong but overall I love it so no point complaining. So for little bit of licious lips check out this scrub, it'll get rid of those terrible winter chapped lips. Just rub a little on your lips the night before night out and you're lipstick, lipgloss will look incredible on the night.

Big Yes from me would be 5 stars but the smell lets it down by 1 star x

My Go To Shadows

I love this palette my fiance kindly bought me it for a prezzy and I have not stopped using it since. I use it for day and night looks, they all have warm undertones which compliment my skin very well.

Recommend this palette 100% & can't wait for Naked 2 !


I could go on and on about Liz Earle. I love their products so much. Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser has helped me to clear away my break outs and keep my skin looking healthy and fresh. I buy this product over and over again as it is my fav face wash.

If you get a chance to try it out please do.

Lots of Love, Sara