Beauty Product Reviews

Alright, but not the best.

this product was an impulsive buy, i was in need of a new foundation and all other sleek products i have tryed have been fantastic!, so i thought why not. I find it gives quite a light coverage, and you don't need alot of product to cover your face, which is always a bonus! but you have to work very quickly with it as it becomes very dry and tacky quickly, making it difficult to blend. but i like how the foundation doesnt seem to cake or just melt off your face throughout the day. The colour is a little too dark for my skin tone (in the lightest shade),.. but i'm almost the colour of milk, so a lot of foundations are :P overall a good product, but it hasn't become my favourite yet.

miracle worker

i went and got a sample of this product to try it out before spending my money.

i have to say im suprised, im prone to eczema now and again and ive tryed countless products claiming to exfoliate and clear dry skin. when actually.. they were too harsh and make my skin red and even dry-er, or wern't harsh enough and did nothing :P

THIS product however. ive used a tiiiney amount on my skin after using my normal facewash about 3 times a week, and eczema be gone! my skin is as soft as a baby's behind. you use so little product for such a big impact. i am DEFFINETLY going out to buy the full version!

could NOT live without!

i had a bit of trouble getting this palette in the uk, but it was definitely worth the wait. the colour pay off is intense and if you favor bright colours you are going to worship this palette! i haven't put it down and use at least one colour in 9/10 of my looks. the best part is that you really do get your value for money, despite using it nearly every day i can still clearly read the BN imprinted on the shaddows, they will last a good long while and even when they do eventually run out, its a quick easy and simple job of purchasing the colour refill you need and clicking it into the palette :) The colours are all very highly pigmented, easy to blend and stay vivid throughout the entire days wear. absolutely fantastic product!!

MUST HAVE for summer

i just got this product last week and i'm lovvving it. its a stunning soft coral colour which will especially compliment a pale skin tone (a special favorite for me as it goes with my hair :3) it's a beautiful tone for summer and perfect for those hot sunny days when you just want that warm glow to your face. OR you could turn it into an eyecatching night look by putting on a few more layers ;) it turns out this AMAZING firey..vivid coral colour. which would act as super cute bright lip for nighttime.

i have used this product nearly every day since ive bought it,.. admittedly it can be a bit on the pricey side but its nothing but worth it, and it WILL last you ages as you only need the tininess amount of product :)


i have..god knows how many different moisturizers in my house, and although most do the job i can whole heartedly say this is my MUST HAVE, i use it every single day. It's beautifully and elegantly packaged, it smells clean and fresh without being overbearing. And lastly serves its purpose it's a light moisturizer which is perfect for everyday use, it leaves you feeling hydrated and best of all NOT OILY! sinks in super fast, i recommend anyone to buy it! :)