Beauty Product Reviews

Great Pallet

This is my favorite pallet by Coastal scents. Blushes are great on all skin tones and the eye shadows are great for different looks , especially neutral during the day or works for a smoky look at night.

Slate is Great

The Jumbo Pencil n Slate is my favorite. I didn't get ,ilk, but cottage cheese is god, black bean is great foe liner or base. But copper and Rust are also great for daily colors and bases underneath other eye shadows.

I love this foundation.

I love this foundation. Its my favorite go to for recording You-tube Videos, going to special events and occasions. It has just the right amount of coverage for me. It's not too heavy and my skin feels great with it on. I like the subtle shimmer. I love it. I hope it goes on sale again soon.

Its cool.

I bought the pink one above after I saw a review on YouTube last Summer. I like its packaging, and it went on smooth. I had to get use to the overpowering smell. But, I still have it and use it as a night time option. I'm still curious about trying the other ones just to compare. But, overall, it was cool, especially if you can find it on Sale.

Love It!

Love it! This is Perfect on top of deeper blush colors. It gives the right amount of shimmer without over doing it. I wish they would bring Pink Porcelain back. I still have one of the last ones and it was my favorite.