Grande Pro Volume 3


Christina A.

First Viseart palette I own. After using this palette I became a fan of the brand and order another one. Great pigmentation and the colors are amazing for all four seasons, especially in summer time.

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Monica M.
If ur pro mua must have if not too expensive

Look I purchased this palette during the virus 2020. I wanted something different and it sure is. I thought it would be bigger for 175. But it’s practical for traveling. Love the stand and mirror. But too expensive for fallout. Don’t get me wrong colors pop I love Mattes but dang I over paid. Since watching what they really do to makeup returns I will just bite the bullet and keep it. From now on since I am only doing my own makeup I’m no longer buying palettes. I mean the James Charles has more colors and it’s way cheaper. Color is amazing but careful with fallout in pan. A lot of product will go into air. I am no linger a Viseart fan. Too pricy and I’m just a regular girl. Not a pro. Alyssa Edwards palette has similar colors. But not this many to choose. We spend so much money on eyeshadow nowadays. Last year it was the Natasha DENONA 28 for 240. Biggest regret. I hardly used it. Sold it to someone for 40. With this palette I’m keeping. Look folks ur better off going to MAC and picking out what you want. Go create your own. Be safe folks. Take care of our planet. Peace.

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Victoria V.
For the ultimate color payoff
Photo of product included with review by Victoria V.

A rainbow palette to end all all rainbow palettes! I bought thus during the gift card event and it is everything i expected and more. I got it because i already own editorial brights and that palette is my HG. So this is the big momma of that palette in a way. With the variety of colors already in this all matte palette, i love that you can combine shades to create an entirely new color without it getting muddy. Its a pricey palette, but its worth it considering the formula, blendability, and color payoff. I am going to be using this for many more years to come.

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Anise X.
The best palette ever?

It has quickly become a go-to, not just for loud looks which it is clearly suited to but also for adjusting and complementing the hues of other eyeshadows. When an eyeshadow looks completely different in the pan compared to on the eye, you can use these as an enhancement, to get what you expected. Eg. moss green eyeshadow which looks grey on my eye for whatever reason I can blend in a bit of a bright green to get that colour saturation, without even looking like there was a super bright colour involved... Same with the perfect sandy beige colour that I'm searching for, with this I can add a little dab of one or more of the yellows and can easily adjust the hue of another neutral brownish eyeshadow.

And I was also not expecting to find my holy grail of dark navy eyeshadow in here. Its dreamy, and again with a bit of bright blue easily adjusted for a versility.

So much fun, I love it.

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Cory  M.
Viseart perfection!

I bought the Viseart grande pro set during the gift card event last week. My palettes arrived within 5 days per the usual speedy shipping I get with Beautylish. This palette is absolutely gorgeous, rich in pigment and blends just as you’d expect coming from Viseart. This is the perfect companion to the other two Grande Pro palettes. I’ve been wearing them non-stop and can’t get enough Viseart!

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