Sanskrit Saponins

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Marie B.
Love it 😍

I've only used this twice and really feel the difference after is use it,,, very clean soft skin

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Jessica G.
Smells horrible

So I decided to purchase this on a whim. I wanted to try something different. I received the product and was excited to use it. It smells HORRIBLE! It smells like dried vomit. The smell bothers me so much that I cannot use this product.

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Steven G.
Powerful yet gentle cleanser

I love using this product a few times a week to get a good cleansing. I also use this cleanser as a mask once a week, once my skin is clean and dry I apply a thin layer and let it sit on my face for 10 minutes, then rinse off. It leaves my skin super clean without a tight dry feeling.

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Sam S.
Clears up congestion

It does help clear up congestion a little bit, and isn’t too drying. I do wish the ph of this was lower, but it’s not too insanely high. I can not for the life of me make it into anything that can even be thought of as a “lather” though

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Kate F.
I really want to love this!

This brand is really cool and their packaging is beautiful, but I think that this formula just isn't right for my skin. I've been using it a couple of times a week for about a month and a half, and while there isn't usually much immediate irritation, I've noticed that after a few hours the skin on my cheeks feels quite rough and sensitive.

It's subtle enough that I don't feel I need to discontinue using it, but on the other hand, aside from the mild irritation I'm not really noticing any additional effects—good or bad!

This won't stop me from trying other NIOD products—I am definitely still on board, it's just that this one is sort of "meh" for the price point. Also, the smell is NOT as bad as the other reviews are stating. To me, it just smells a bit chocolatey and earthy.

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Candice B.
Odd smell

Has an odd peanut smell, texture was fine but didn't notice improvement in skin after using for little over a month, so I had returned it.

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Reyna G.
Seriously SUPER drying.

I have oily skin so I thought this would work out great. You can call me a self-proclaimed skincare aficionado, most products I try work well for me because I do my homework before a purchase. Sadly, I wanted to love this as others have, but I didn't and don't. It's not the smell, to me it smells of "earth" but I don't care what a product smells like if it works well for my skin. After one use, the next morning my skin felt uber tight and dry (even without my usual AHA). The next few days I went back to my normal moisturizing routine and decided to give it another go. This time, the following day my skin was even drier than the first time! To be really real, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone even with oily skin unless you've got superrrrr clogged pores. I even factor in my climate and the other products I'm using in conjunction, I've never been this dry and flaky not even in the winter and I live in a Meditteranean climate. I hate returning products because it's always such a hassle so that's money down the drain for me. Try something else, my friend.

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Jacqueline J.
Post Gym Ritual!

I have oily, sensitive, blemish-prone skin. My breakouts are very superficial but significantly decreased when using this stuff regularly. Blackheads in my nose are also significantly less apparent. I’m always sure to use it before bed on the days I visit the gym. And just before my monthly session of micro needling, this stuff is a must!

Anat K.

I’m new to Deciem (and didn’t make full switch to their products, until I finish my current batch of other brands Ive been using). I have pretty great skin, but the one thing annoyed me that I kept getting little blemishes on my nose, and I just couldn’t get rid of them!! I started using SS about a week ago, and they totally gone now! My pores are visibly smaller too. AND I LOVE THE SMELL!!!

Ylime M.
Nice Cleanser

This is a good cleanser, but I don't think that there's anything special about it. However, I LOVE that it's in a tube. Great for travel.