Dream Matte Mousse Foundation


Julia E.
Good for Concealer

I don't use mine a lot, but when I need something a little more substantial than powder to even out red spots this is very handy. It goes on super nicely!

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Julia P.
Good and Bad

To start with the shade I bought matched my winter skin color perfectly (aka white ghost) and it's from the drugstore so it won't break the bank. The problems I have with this foundation is that I'm a young teenager and I just found the finish too UNNATURAL. It is very matte and with me being so pale it made me look LIKE A CHINA DOLL. In the winter I had dry skin and this does look GOOD ON DRY SKIN, I had no problems with clinging oddly. So it gives a sort of AIRBRUSHED perfect look. (can be great for some people!) Another bad thing I found was that it does sort of DISINTEGRATE THOUGH THE DAY, even with not oily skin. This could be that my powder wasn't very good or due to the fact that I never touchup my powder. The application is BEST WITH A SPONGE, I tried using a flat ecotools foundation brush but it was such a hassle because the texture makes it very hard to apply with a brush. Using a sponge makes it look very pretty and with a slightly damp sponge thats wrung out it makes it a bit more sheer and natural. I actually really do not recommend a brush also because it applies the foundation too heavily (thinking back this could have been what I was experiencing the day it was sort of disintegrating) Lastly I find the COVERAGE TO BE AVERAGE, it evens out skin tone but doesn't cover bright red acne scars or dark eye bags. The only problem is it is NOT BUILDABLE, what you see it what you get. Try layering and it will only backfire.

YOU WILL LIKE THIS IF: you like a flawless matte finish, you apply it lightly (with a sponge), you have a good concealer for anything you really need to cover, you don't have very oily skin, you don't mind touching up powder in the T-zone.

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Munchy B.

I love this mouse like foundation because it spreads so evenly on the face. The mouse like texture also means that you don't need to put as much on as other liquid based foundations. It is smooth and almost creamy which I loved because it doesn't feel like I am plastering my face with wax. This product covers all blemishes and spreads so easily! I use it with the Dream Matte Powder and the end result is fabulous. 100% recommend to anyone.

Victoria D.
Love This Stuff!

I tend to be really picky when it comes to foundations, but I picked this up on a whim, while it was on sale, and I LOVE IT! The texture is so light and airy, for me, it's almost like a cream-to-powder feeling. It dries very quickly, unlike some liquid foundations, so I find that I prefer to do one area of my face at a time. I'd give it about a medium coverage, which is all I'm really looking for. I like to set it with a powder, but it can be worn on it's own as well. I love that it's matte too. Sometimes drugstore foundations and such can be shimmer city, even if they don't say so. I love that it's not completely drying, and it doesn't get streaky like liquid can!

Lee I.
Easy to apply and Matte!

I don't quite understand the bad reviews as this foundation is really good and has a very matte finish! I like the colour as it's close to my own! Possibly it was staying on longer as i live in a cold country!

Kendra H.
Love It

I like to have lightweight coverage as I have very sensitive skin. Although I didn't like it as much as the Dream Smooth Mousse it is a close second! It gives good coverage and it also works as a concealer when I'm using other foundation. The "Dream" collection from Maybelline has so many great products and this was a definite hit!

Julianne J.
OK foundation, has a few issues

I don't want to ramble, but there is more than meets the eyes with these puppies! As with many of you gals, I found this foundation to be a little annoying/inconsistent. That's partially due to my being more of a foundation/makeup beginner though. I can't remember which shade I got first, but I know I got a shade too light, almost just right, then one that was too dark. Porcelain Ivory Light 1 is a touch too light, Classic Ivory Light 2 is more my shade, Pure Beige Medium 2 is too dark. I know I kept running back to the store to find the right shade, which is a little annoying, but not a big deal. For labeling these products so well- with descriptive names (Porcelain Ivory), skin tones (Light, Medium), and numbers ( 1, 2, etc.) that go from the lightest to the darkest, these foundations were still somehow confusing. I actually don't mind having a few xtras because I can use them on clients, and the lightest shade would make a great base for more pale/gothy/white powdered makeup looks. Silly me, as a makeup noob, I didn't realize "matte", as far as this foundation goes, was for more oily skins that needed to matte down extra shine. I have super dry skin, with some oil, but I usually look for creamy, moisturizing foundation formulas. I might have thought this foundation line would be helpful because it was creamy in consistency. Anyway, it applied fine, I used my fingers and spread out the crumbly consistency (like the creme blushes from this line). But looking back at a picture I took of this makeup, my face looked flaky. I think this might have been before I learned of the absolute importance of exfoliation before moisturizer/primer/foundation, especially for dry skins! These foundations also have tricky undertones. Porcelain Ivory has pink undertones, Classic Ivory has peachy undertones and Pure Beige has more orangey undertones, I would say. I definitely think I will have more luck with these If I exfoliate and prime first, and I hear these work better as a concealer- they are thick and easy to pat down with a finger, and their peachy undertones might do double duty as a dark circle corrector. So, one might find multiple uses for these, but the whole point to getting them was to just wear them as foundation. If you really need a good foundation from the drugstore, I would be hesitant to recommend them because of all these little issues. I hear there is way more better options out there. These have their perks, don't get me wrong, but for all the inconsistencies I'm surprised they haven't been discontinued. Another perk, however- is the size. A little bulky for MU collections and kits, but you still get a ton of product, and the creme blushes, and these foundations never dry out and always stay creamy- another plus. Also- this product can be used as a lip primer- to white out your lips, and might make a good eye primer- if it doesn't crease and you set it with translucent powder. I don't mind using this for a heavy-duty facial concealer when I'm breaking out.

Tashina M.

I bought his in porcelean. That is not the lightest shade they make but it is impossible to find the lightest shade in store anywhere. Porcelean looks lighter from outside the jar than when you open it but it dries lighter than when it is in the jar. The color goes on nice an neutral but 2 hairs too dark. Just enough that I couldn't pull it off. I would love to get my hands on the lightest shade. 00 light ivory I think.

This wears so pretty. It is amazing. Smooth and semi matte in that it is matte finish but it isn't overly matte. It kind of glows. Love it. It blends easier than anything I have ever seen. I use a disposable sponge and it takes me 2 minutes to cover and blend. The coverage is a solid medium which is perfect for me and it didn't oxidize.

My problem besides the disappears after just a couple of hours. 3-4 hours and it's gone. Not patchy or spotty or anything. Just gone. I don't mind touch ups but who wants to do their whole face over every 3 hours. I still want the lightest color for errands and running to the store and when I don't need my face to last for as long time. But for work and my usual day, this goes back to the drawer. So sad.

Sarah M.
Cakey, but good coverage for Winter.

I really wouldn't use this product outside of the Winter months because I find it to be way too heavy and I suspect that it may give me some not so favorable pimples if I leave it on my face too long, although that could just be my overly sensitive skin. The colors are great and the finish, which is very matte and dream-like, is very desirable. I really like the packaging, although it is a bit heavy, the glass is not breakable from my not-so-graceful experience and takes up less space in my train case.

Rachel B.
Mixed feelings

It is altogether a pretty good product. It blends well and has pretty good coverage on most places. But, it isn't good for dry skin, and doesn't cover some acne spots very well. Also, when I apply it, little flaky pieces fall off which is pretty weird. But, it mostly does it's job and I must say I'm pretty happy with it :)