May Lindstrom

The Facial Treatment Bowl

Using the Facial Treatment Bowl and Brush

The Facial Treatment Bowl is a unique, handmade bowl with a special rounded design. This ensures that none of your treatments will splash or spill when stirred.

With its soft, vegan-friendly bristles, The Facial Treatment Brush won't soak up any product so that you get the most out of your facial mask.

Please note that the bowl and the brush are sold separately.


michelle s.
essential for this amazing product

I invested in the bowl, brush, The Problem Solver mask, the Youth Dew and The Blue Cocoon and it is, by far, the best facial treatment I've had at any spa round the world...AND I was in my PJ's on a Sunday doing it. Amazing line of products.

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Kylie E.
Kylie E.'s Review Image

May Lindstrom's The Facial Treatment Bowl is not only the perfect size for mixing your masks and is really functional for that purpose alone, it's absolutely beautiful in every way.

As each bowl is handcrafted, the glazing pattern is unique to each piece which adds a personal touch because it's a one if a kind. The colour of the glazing is really lovely, I love that the underside of each bowl is signed by Melissa Brown, the artisan who creates them, and the real gold stamp of the May Lindstrom logo inside the bottom of the bowl is simply exquisite.

For all of these reasons, I actually bought a second bowl not long after I received my original order. One I use exclusively for my May Lindstrom Mud Masks (I have The Problem Solver, The Clean Dirt and The Honey Mud - as well The Good Stuff, The Youth Dew, The Jasmine Garden, The Blue Cocoon and The Facial Treatment Brush), and the other bowl is purely for display. It's just too pretty to be hidden away in a drawer or cupboard, and it never ceases to receive compliments from anyone new visiting my home.

I love this bowl so much that I'll be purchasing another one shortly, along with The Facial Treatment Brush, as a gift for my gorgeous Mum.

The entire May Lindstrom line is just perfect!

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Bojana Z.
Beautiful and useful

I love this bowl. It is so beautifully made! The first time I used it I felt bad because it is so beautiful. But it is very useful for the mixing especially of the problem solver. The textured surface of the bowl assists the brush in mixing of the mask. Love it. It feels very fragile (my first one arrived shattered) so be gentle!

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