Nicole A.
Lovely shade

This red is very interesting it's hard to find a red that shows brown undertones without the orange or rust pulling through. This is a true brick red perfect for all skin tones from fair to dark. I see a number of people wear it and it looks unique on everyone. Mac lipstick is so great when it comes to making universal flattering shades for everyone. I love lady danger but at times it just pulls to much orange the true warmth in this color is what I appreciate the most in it. Definitely a goto spicy color all can enjoy...yet another hit for mac (:

Andrea C.
Fall Color

Another beautiful matte finish MAC lipstick! It is a beautiful red lipstick ideal for the fall and if you combine it with the Chicory lip liner it will last for hours!

Lady In Red

Happy Monday Beauties!! If anytime were the best time to strut red lips, now is definitely the time. Everyone, I mean everyone, looks stunning in red lipstick. There are two key things you’ll need to take into consideration when finding the prefect red lipstick for you — (1) your skin’s undertone, and (2) the lipstick’s undertone. According to makeup artists & makeup producers, there are two main colors of red undertones in lipsticks: orange based reds & blue based reds. I know red can be a little scary at first, simply based on the fact that red is such a vibrant & attention grabbing color… but don’t be scared to try it out! You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll look & feel once you find the perfect shade!

Read more about it on my main blog!! XOXO,STEFY

Kala G.
The BEST color for Fall

This is my go-to for any fall ensemble. I love it! It's deep enough to show up but not brown. It's like a reddish orange. Goes on smooth, but not too creamy. Definitely one of my favorite shades...I found myself grabbing for it often this past fall. Could be a cute winter color too!

Cyndal W.

This is the latest one I bought. I will say it's not my favorite but it last long ! I will say the color that is on the website is a bit different than what it looks like on.