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Mignon H.
Absolutely Beautiful!

I love this shade from MAC. It's flattering on just about all skin tones and is a perfect go to color for the fall and winter. A must have! It's just super gorgeous!!!

Nicole A.

I own in the range of about 30 different colors of MAC lipstick. They are my HG by far from any other brand of lipstick. I chose to talk about this color because it is so universally flattering on any skin tone. Not quite red or bronze but a nice frosty mix truly a beautiful color.

Leeona W.
My Fav of all time!

My friend got me hooked on this color, and her and I both use it for our number one go-to lipstick. The color goes on smooth, and doesn't feel dry or flaky like some other brands I have used. There's no funky taste either. The color looks much redder when applied than it does in the product description, which is a good thing!

Nikki L.
Awesome color

I traded six empties for this tube of gorgeousness. I love the coverage and the color is amazing. This is the Lippie I turn to when I don't want to do too much, but still want to make a statement. Two coats of mascara and a swipe of O and I am ready to go. This is fun for work and play.

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Tami Y.

For the longest time I've used the O shade as my everyday lipstick. It carried me through college and my first few years of working in the real world. It's a great frosty, shimmery copper orange that's not too dark (more on the sheer side). I must have gone through several tubes of this color - that's how much I loved it. It looks so dark on the color swatch but go to the counters and check it out. It's more wearable than it looks. It's really great on Asian skin. Eventually I got sick of it but now that I'm thinking about it I might just grab a new tube of it real soon.