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Oct 20, 2015

kathryn d.

Today I received my first order from beautylish and I am so over-the-top excited!

many times when you order on line - particularly true with cosmetics - the items are not particularly packed appropriately and merchandise is often damaged by the jostling about due to lack of bubble wrap and/or filler tissue. anticipating something and receiving it looking worse for wear is a huge disappointment and turn off. thankfully this is not the case with orders from beautylish.

I have never received an order packed with such care and perfection as this order was! from the moment I opened the outer mailing box, I could tell that there is such consideration used for the goods and for the client just by the outer wrapper plus the fact that someone signed off on the inside of the box for quality control. (the invoice enclosed in the bottom of the box also was check-marked by hand and initialed for verification.) and when I opened that little seal - I was transported back to christmas morning as a child.

even though this was my order (not a surprise gift) and I knew what was coming, the way each item was individually wrapped ever so neatly and appropriately for each product made me so happy! each item was in pristine condition after taking off the individual wrapping. and the sample of bioderma goods was a nice little surprise!

i also had assistance from and on-line representative while i was looking at products i was considering purchasing. i had a few pretty specific questions that were not addressed by the descriptive information on the website - and my questions were addressed and answered accurately with enthusiasm and professionalism.

the personal attention to all of these details is truly a mark of a company that puts great thought and care into their customers, the products they vend and their reputation in a highly competitive industry as a beauty products distributor.

doumo arigatou gozaimasu, beautylish! I am super satisfied with your services, love the products I ordered, and most definitely will be singing praises about you to all of my friends!

kathryn d.

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