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Naturally Pretty Vol. 1 Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette


Jan R.

I bought this palette only because it was thoroughly endorsed by a Youtuber whom, I suspect, was being compensated for it… because I have yet to see her endorse this brand since.

Anyway, it’s powdery, the colour payoff is poor and the ridiculous price point is too high for the return. After multiple, varied attempts at trying to work with it, I lobbed it into the bin. As a result, I now avoid this brand like the plague. Just horrid!

So don’t bother with this one - there are others.

From Wet n Wild and bh Cosmetics, through to Armani and Denona. *They really do do what they say!

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Erica  K.
So pretty

I bought this palette while just browsing g through beautylish. I couldn't help it, I just found it so delicately pretty. I read the mediocre reviews but bought it anyways cus I couldn't get it out of my mind. I love this palette. I do not find it muddy at all, and all the colors are well pigmented. The formula reminds me of the original lorac pro - lots of kick up, kinda messy, but works well. It is a very "safe" palette in terms of colors. Nothing crazy or too vibrant. I mainly use this for natural daytime looks. Overall, I do love it, but I would pass if you have most colors like it already in your stash.

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XuYing W.


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Shape C.

I am amazed how beautiful the colors are and how well they last through the day - I am glad I took a chance on this palate. ♥♥♥

Wenny  C.
I hate this

Not pigmented enough. Blending ability is ok. I absolutely hate this. Bought this a long time ago when there are not many choices

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Lorisa M.
Chalky Muddy Mess

I’ve had this palette for almost a year now and I’ve played with it in every way possible. A maybelline quad would get you further and that’s saying a lot. The formula is chalky, swatches are deceiving and if you’re attempt a real look rather than just a quick wash of color you’re going to end up with a muddy mess.

Elizabeth  A.
Nice, but...

....BORING AF. Nothing great, nothing exciting. Not stellar, but not bad. Just like when you eat dessert, and you wonder if it is worth the calories. If you don't have these shadow colors, by all means, go for it, although Tarte has better pigmentation. I would pass, not worth the calories for me.

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Xiaojin  Y.


Shu L.


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Carmenne B.
Pretty okay

I thought this palette is vegan but then apparently it's not and aside from the fact that it's made in china did not pretty much impressed me with the price. For a $45 palette, I would recommend other palettes which are vegan + made in the USA .. as for pigmentationa and falls out, they're pretty good .. very pigmented and less less fall out as compared to other palettes

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